Stylenanda 3CE Pink I'm Good Mascara Review

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Hi all! I'm super happy to announce that I'm back with Bntgirls as part of their 3rd generation of beauty bloggers! The first box contained heaps of skincare items which take longer to test and review so I'm going to review the only makeup item in the box first, which happens to be the Stylenanda's 3CE Pink 'I'm Good' mascara. I'm a fan of 3CE and have liked every single item I have tried from them, however I will say that this is the first item that fell short of the mark for me.

It's described as the 'perfect dolly lash mascara for long curled lashes' and is smudge and moisture-proof. I was expecting majorly long, curly, fluttery lashes just like a doll!

The packaging is the brightest fluorescent pink I have ever seen. The pink definitely fits with Stylenanda's hip, youthful image but I'm not a big fan and would much prefer a less intimidating shade of pink. I do love my pastels...

The tube and wand are very long and skinny, which fits well with the lengthening purpose of the mascara. The wand is a lot smaller than what I'm used to- my Holy Grail mascara is Maybelline's Collosal Lash in waterproof and that wand is huge! I do find the long length and tiny brush easy to comb through and separate my lashes.

The brush is tiny with quite sparsely placed bristles and picks up product evenly along it's length. No clumps here!

My bare, stick straight lashes curled with my eyelash curler.
 This is the result of 1 coat of mascara:

The formula is on the dry side and takes a bit of work to transfer onto my lashes. After one coat, I can hardly tell the difference- my lashes are only very slightly longer and the effect is super minimal. This mascara also does not hold curl well, I noticed that my eyelashes started drooping during the day and by nightfall they were stick straight again. This effect will be even worse if you live in a humid climate.

The formula is not buildable and only makes my eyelashes more 'spikey' if I add another coat. 

On the plus side, this mascara does not clump, smudge or flake and my eyelashes do look nicely separated.

 As an Asian girl with stick straight lashes, I want my mascara to give me everything in terms of volume, curl and length! This mascara claimed to give doll-like length to my lashes but it definitely fell short (pun intended) of its mark.

I wore the 3CE mascara in my Luk natural lipstick review. If you are going for a really natural separated eyelash look, then this mascara would suit you. Personally, I always want my eyelashes to make a statement, which is why I didn't like this mascara.

You can find this product on Stylenanda's website here and it retails for $22. Needless to say, I don't dig this mascara and certainly don't think it's worth the price. However, everyone is different and Joanne, my fellow Bntgirl, really liked this mascara! Check out her review here.

*I received this product for free for review purposes. All opinions are honest and my own

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