The Body Shop Strawberry Body Polish Review

Saturday, 7 June 2014

I'm admittedly really boring when it comes to my shower products- for the whole year I have only used Lush's figs & leaves soap on my body. Thank God The Body Shop was kind enough to sponsor me a lovely package of bath and cosmetic products for review because it was definitely time to change it up! Thank you the Body Shop!

This guy is one of their bestsellers and it's the wonderfully tangy Strawberry body polish! It comes in a sizeable 200mL squeezy tube and costs $16.95.

'Have good, clean fun and smooth skin at the same time thanks to this fragrance foaming gel-based scrub that's gentle enough to use everyday.
  • Gently exfoliates
  • Leaves skin feeling soft and smooth
  • Sweet strawberry scent' - the Body Shop website

Look at that amazing deep red color! It stands out by itself and really doesn't need any frilly packaging to be appealing. It looks so juicy *mouth waters*.

You are supposed to massage the gel in circular movements over your body to help boost circulation. It is recommended for everyday use for maximum effect. 

The black pips you see in the gel are actually real kiwi seeds and they are suspended evenly within the gel so you won't get too many/little in any use. Although it's named after the strawberry, there is a definite kiwi scent mixed in and the result is super mouthwatering. It smells like a sour strawberry lolly and is super duper strong! I have a sensitive nose and I can tell you I am not irritated by this scent at all.

 As you mix it with water and start massaging, the gel lathers slightly. If you use it on a loofah you will get millions of bubbles, but I prefer using it on it's own as I can feel the kiwi seeds on my skin better.

This scrub does not claim to be moisturizing and it isn't, but neither does it dry my skin out. My skin feels slightly tight after use and you will definitely need to use a moisturizer after which is bad news for me because I'm lazy + I have an aversion to putting on moisturizer. I usually let my Lush figs & leaves soap do all the moisturizing for me (I know I'm terrible)! So to avoid this lazy girl + dry skin phenomenon, I limit myself to using this scrub 2-3 times a week. That way it makes the scent more special ^^. Unfortunately the scent lingers in the shower but not on my skin. Perhaps this is intentional though as I'm not sure how attractive it is to smell like a sour strawberry.

If you like sour strawberry lollies, it's worth it to try this gel out just for the scent. It would also make an amazing gift. Personally, the major downfall of this product is the lack of moisture it gives my dry skin. But if you're 'normal' and apply moisturizer anyway, then that will be no problem! I leave the shower feeling refreshed and energized!

Pick this one up in store or on the website and indulge in the smell!

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