Black to Burgundy Red Balayage Hair!

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Hi all! It's exam time again which means I'm tired, stressed and generally not putting any effort into my appearance. A typical day involves my onesie, greasy hair in a 'study' bun, glasses and lots of tea. It's not pretty. Thankfully I was forced to use my Scoopon for Hair Halo because it was going to expire, and believe me, my hair (and my self esteem) needed it! Unfortunately the Scoopon is no longer available because I waited around 3 months after purchasing it to actually book an appointment. Sorry!

This was my hair before stepping into Hair Halo. I hadn't done anything to it for 8 months, except for hacking away my split ends with paper scissors. I had a full 4 inches of black regrowth and my dyed hair was hollow looking and a rather fetching shade of orange- brown.

My Scoopon was $80 for a cut, foils/balayage, treatment and style- a pretty amazing deal if you ask me. That's literally less than half the price of what some salons charge! There are numerous Scoopons for hair salons going at all times so I highly suggest having a look because anything to do with hair is expensive!

Hair Halo was a very clean, small salon that smelt nice. I haven't been sleeping well lately so I was incredibly tired when I went for my appointment. The owner was a nice down to earth lady who was exceptionally skilled with my hair. I asked for a burgundy red belayage and for my black roots to be lightened a smidge. I also wanted my one length hair evened out from my self cutting and some layers around my face. 

2 and a half hours later, this was the result! I am so happy with the colour transition from the roots to tips- it's the most even and gradual balayage I have ever had. I also love how bright the burgundy turned out!

Can you tell how tired I am?

Outdoor light.

I love it! It's the brightest colour I've ever had. Thank you Hair Halo for doing such an amazing job livening up my dry, brittle hair. I am so jealous of the girls who have hair sponsors- having my hair done just made me feel 10 times better!

Do you guys like it? Or do you think it's too bright?

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