Helen Park Jalousian Anti-wrinkle Cream Review

Saturday, 5 July 2014

The Helen Park Jaloussian Anti-Wrinkle cream is is the last cream I have to review for this batch of Bntnews goodies. This month's box has been chock full of skincare items and this product ended up being one of my favorites! 

When I Google this product, the only search listings that appear are my fellow Bntgirl's reviews so I don't think this cream is particularly popular (yet). The star ingredient is adenosine which has anti-wrinkle and healing properties. Other claims include: skin softening, helping the skin well to adhere to makeup, keeping skin hydrated over a long time and making others jealous (serious!). Thanks to Carina for linking the Qoo10 listing, otherwise I would not have found any information on this cream.

Coming from a girl who's not particularly 'into packaging', to me the packaging is unattractive and looks cheap. I find the color scheme, font choice and design awful to the point where I was questioning the products' 'trustworthiness'. Looks are purely subjective though and the other Bntgirls didn't seem to have a problem with it, so maybe I'm just being picky!

When I opened the box for the first time, I found that the cream had leaked out of the side of the tub. Considering the texture of the cream, I think the packaging would be better suited to a squeeze tube. 

The cream itself is a different story. It's soft, watery and contains a lot of moisture for my parched skin. It glides across the skin super smoothly and doesn't thin out too much as I rub it into my face, yet still manages to cover a lot of skin. The cream leaves a slight sheen on the skin that looks similar to a light layer of oil. This pleases me as I love creams that leave a dewy finish! I feel that my skin stays bouncy and hydrated for longer when I use this cream. The smell is similar to the rest of the products in this month's box- light, sweet and all round pleasant to my sensitive nose.

15 minutes after application on my face.
This cream is my favorite from this month's amazing selection of skincare items. The packaging is the only negative and the actual product works very well. Of course I cannot rate wrinkle improvement because I have none, but the hydration and texture of the cream really works for my dry skin. I will definitely continue to use this cream until it's finished and may even repurchase it considering I can find it online/have used up enough of the skincare items in my collection. 

Qoo10 ships this product to certain countries in Asia, unfortunately not to Australia though. Currently the price is RM29 or $9 AUD. 

*I received this product for free for review purposes. All opinions are honest and my own

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