Love Shoppingholics G&G BT03 Brown Circle Lens Review

Thursday, 10 July 2014

I was lucky enough to be sent some lenses- the G&G brown BT03 from Loveshoppingholics to review! Overall the customer service was very good- all my emails received a reply within 2 days and I was sent a tracking number for my parcel. The big negative was that the shipping took 4-5 weeks which is very long to wait! 

Lens Information:
Origin: Korea
 Diameter : 14.0mm
 Water Content : 38%
 Base Curve : 8.6mm
 Life Span : 1 year disposal

I was worried that these lenses would be uncomfortable because the water content is low, but thankfully this turned out to be untrue! This is my first in-depth circle lens review so just to remind everyone of safety and hygiene issues, please read the Loveshoppingholics circle lens care guide

My lenses came beautifully wrapped in a gauze bag complete with a handwritten Thank You card. I really appreciate personal touches like this and it makes me smile. Thank You Loveshoppingholics for the effort you put into my package!

Super sweet of them! I also received a free cute lens case- I believe these are supposed to be blowfish.

The lenses are by G&G which, judging by reviews, are known to be comfortable lenses. In case you're wondering, my eyesight is moderately bad. I'm a -2.25 on the left and -3.25 on the right.

One thing I noticed was that the vials were rather difficult to open and I ripped a thumb nail from trying to open it! I suggest to use a tweezer or other tool to open these.

The lenses are 14mm, thus has only a slight enlarging effect on the eyes which makes them more suitable for daily use. In the case they appear to have a thick limbal ring, which I usually do not like in circle lenses because it makes my eyes look too unnatural. However, the appearance of the limbal ring reduces dramatically when worn and ends up looking quite natural. 

The lenses are of average thickness for a circle lens and I had some discomfort when I inserted them for the first time. I took them out, rinsed and rubbed them and then they were fine. After that, I have had no problems with putting them in or taking them out. 

In sunlight.
Using Younique's 3D Fiber Mascara in these macro shots.

Close up, these lenses are beautiful. They have an intricate iris pattern which is mostly medium brown with flashes of green and hazel. I have naturally dark brown eyes and these lenses are opaque enough to cover my natural iris fully. The lenses are well made and the colours blend together seamlessly creating a natural eye look with slight enlargement from the thin limbal ring. The colour combination reminds me of a cat or a reptile!

They are very comfortable and I can wear them for 6 hours without irritation or eyedrops. When I blink I can occasionally feel my eyelid 'catching' slightly on the lens, but this does not pull the lens out of alignment, rather just alerts me to the fact that I am wearing circle lenses. 

The one qualm I have is that the lenses make me look slightly bug eyed in photos. It looks as if I am opening my eyes really wide when I am actually relaxed and looking 'normally'. It's strange because in the mirror, I don't look bug eyed at all! 

Ultimately, the comfort level of these lenses is superb, which is the most important aspect of a lens in my opinion. I think the design itself is beautiful, although I do think it would look nicer on someone with paler skin and lighter hair. These lenses are definitely suitable for every day use because they look quite natural, more so indoors. 

You can buy these lenses for here for $19.90 USD, which is a very good price! Loveshoppingholics offers a free lens case with every purchase!

Overall, I like them and would rate them 8/10. 

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