Redraw: Physicians Formula Giveaway :(

Sunday, 27 July 2014

As this was my first ever giveaway, I made some mistakes and as a result, have had a steep learning curve.

This is what happened:
I drew the first winner by random through Rafflecopter and the entry said she had followed me on IG. I checked, her username was not on my follow list, so I disqualified the entry.
I then drew another winner and the same thing happened!

The next winner, was Teri C who had entered by leaving a blog post comment. I announced her as the winner because there was a user 'TC' who had commented on my blog post. After lots of miscommunication and some super sleuthing, I found that they were different people and the winner had not actually commented on my blog :(. So I had to disqualify the winner I announced. 

I am so sorry to TC, for asking if you were Teri!

I felt sad that out of the 3 winners I drew, none of them had actually followed me or left a blog post comment :(. I am trying to reward my readers who have come back to read my blog because it means so much to me, but no use crying over spilt milk. 

I had no choice but to be fair and redraw another entry. The next entry was also null, she did not follow me on Bloglovin'. So then the final and 5th entry I randomly drew was:

Amber H 

Whom I checked and actually is following me on Instagram!
Congratulations Amber! 

Thank you for everyone who did enter correctly!

Don't be disappointed if you didn't win, because I am having another Physicians Formula Giveaway soon! And I have learnt from these mistakes and will triple check each entry I draw to make sure everyone has entered correctly.

In other news, I finished my first exam today. 3 More to go and then I am going to Melbourne for a much needed break! Hurrah!

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