Belif Peat Miracle Revital Cream Review

Friday, 29 August 2014

The Belif Peat Miracle Revital cream is the second product in the Belif Miracle Revital set I received from Bntnews this month. See my review of the accompanying Peat Revital serum here.

"Cell turnover means a cycle of your skin where young cells replace aged skin cells. As you get older, your turnover loses its rhythm and speeds up aging process. Peat miracle revital cream contains peat extract and improves your turnover rate by 9.28%, rejuvenating and hydrating your skin."- Belif website

As with the serum, this product contains no: mineral oil, synthetic fragrances, synthetic colors, synthetic preservatives or animal-derived ingredients.

The nature themed packaging is coherent with the serum. 

The potion-green tub really catches the eye because it's such an unusual colour. The aspect I like most about the packaging is the lid- see how it has 'lips' that extend outwards to cover the whole area of the tub? I have received many creams that have leaked out of their containers whilst shipping, and with this design there is chance of any leakage. I had a look at some of Belif's other products and they all have the same design, which is fantastic!

The cream is beige coloured and stiff. In fact, it looks and feels similar to the Syn-Ake lifting cream I reviewed before. The scent is mild and herbal and will not bother those who are sensitive to fragrances. After applying the Miracle serum, I apply a generous amount of this cream to my face. It spreads easily and absorbs into my skin relatively quickly- I'd say within 5 minutes. It does not leave a dewy sheen or any residue on my skin, unlike the Syn-Ake cream which left my face looking shiny (which I liked). 

A minute after spreading.
Although the cream has the initial impression of having a high moisture level due to its thick texture, after half an hour I find my skin feeling a bit tight and asking for more hydration. Thus, the combination of the Belif Miracle serum + the cream, no matter how much I apply, is not enough to quench my dry skin. Perhaps in the sweaty summertime this system would work better for me. 

As I said before, I have not noticed any changes in my skin's condition since using the Belif Miracle Revital line, but that is not necessarily a bad thing as my skin condition is quite good. Does it work miracles? No. Not for my dry skin anyway. I'd say these two products used together would make a nice combination for oily or combination skin. 

This product retails for $65 on Korea Depart.

*I received this product for free for review purposes. All opinions are honest and my own

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