Bello-Vita Cell Optimizer Skin S-Essence Review

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

I was quite drawn to the packaging of the Bello-Vita Cell Optimizer Essence when I opened my Bntnews beauty box because the gold box is so beautiful and expensive looking! I had not heard of Bello-Vita before, but it appears to be a lesser known brand that cannot be found on any online shops. 

This essence is formulated with Bello-Vita's Biocell system which contains fermented ingredients that supposedly improve your skin's condition. Ingredients include Cell-revitalizing RSF Complex, Arginine and Rose Crystal. This product claims to: improve skin hydration and elasticity, make skin supple and maintain bright-looking skin. You are to spritz the Bello-Vita Cell Optimizer Skin onto your face after cleansing. To me, this product seems like a toner but with an extra treatment effect. Just so you know, I consider toners an 'extra' step in skincare that, from my experience, I feel is unnecessary.

Take a moment to appreciate the pretty baroque style of the packaging. Fit for a Queen!

The bottle is pretty and convenient too- it is slightly translucent allowing you to see how much product is inside the bottle.

One of the reasons why I dislike toners is because they usually need a cotton pad for application. So I was glad when I saw that this essence has a spritzer pump which makes application a breeze. 

That's where the good things end. When I first sprayed this onto my face, I was struck by the heavy perfume scent that forced me to hold my breath until it had dissipated. It smells incredibly similar to the Burt's Bees Radiance Royal Jelly Cleanser which I hated. Joanne had the same experience as me and as she put it- "it basically feels like spraying perfume straight to your face". I imagine this would be universally unpleasant for everyone. 

I pushed myself to spray the essence directly onto my face for 1 week, morning and night, holding my breathe with each use. I honestly can't tell whether it made an improvement to my face, but I did test its moisturising claim on my incredibly dry legs. I sprayed one leg all over with the essence and left the other. After the essence had dried, I compared my legs and there was no difference in dryness. It was as if I'd simply misted one leg with water!

As you can tell, I don't recommend this product. It smelt terrible and had no effect on my skin. This is an extra step that you can definitely do without. 

*I received this product for free for review purposes. All opinions are honest and my own

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