Born Pretty False Eyelashes HW-8 Review

Monday, 4 August 2014

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This review is on a pair of lovely false eyelashes in #HW-8, 5 pairs for $4.75, I picked out from BornPretty. I love false eyelashes and they are almost a beauty essential for me- you will find me wearing false eyelashes 3-4 times a week. I usually buy mine from Ebay and have had some problems: some of them hurt my eyelids, are too stiff or are too plastic-looking. I picked these because I wanted a pair of natural looking eyelashes with that 'wispy' yet voluminous Kardashian style look, which is so hard to find on Ebay! I also prefer lashes that flare out towards the outer corners of my eyes as they suit my eye shape the best. 

When viewing the photos on the website, they looked like they would a natural length suitable for every day wear, but I underestimated them completely! When I saw them in real life they actually looked humongous and I was worried they would look ridiculous on me. Now when I compare my photos to the site photos, I can see they are the same. If you get these, keep in mind they will be more dramatic in real life.

I noticed there was some slight variation between the pairs, but that is because they are hand made. Nothing noticeable unless you like to nit pick! Look how wispy and fluttery they look! Immediately I can tell that they are of a lot nicer quality than my Ebay lashes. 

The eyelash has a translucent band which is both good and bad for me. The good aspect is that it allows the lash to be very flexible. The bad is that you have to really make sure to cover them with black eyeliner after you put them on because you can see the band. 

I trimmed a few mm off the ends to fit my eyes which are on the small side (unfortunately). Although the band is flexible, it had some trouble adhering to the inner part of my eyes whilst I stuck the outer corner down. This is a problem I have with a lot of new pairs of false eyelashes and as I suspected, these lashes 'formed' to the shape of my eye during the first use and after that they were a breeze to put on the second and third times.

As I thought, the eyelashes look extremely large on my small-ish eyes and I definitely cannot wear these on a daily basis as they are too dramatic. However, if I wear circle lenses and a smokey eye, these eyelashes add the perfect amount of glamour and impact. I would recommend to wear them to night time events which call for a heavier, sexier make up look! 

Photo from my review of this Smokey eye shadow palette.
Overall, I think these eyelashes are super sexy and perfect for event make up. I adore the natural hair finish and the flared cat eye design. And of course the quality is far superior to the cheap Ebay lashes for only a couple of dollars extra.

I am looking forward to receiving my next pair of eyelashes from BornPretty as I am super impressed with their low prices and high quality of items I have reviewed so far. See their range of eyelashes here.

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