ChiChi Rich Gems Glamorous Eyeshadow Palette- Peacock Look and Review!

Thursday, 14 August 2014

I'd seen ChiChi products in Myer before but never paid much attention to them until I heard they had a quality dupe for the Naked Palette, aptly named 'Nudes'. Then suddenly I was seeing pictures of their Glamorous eyeshadow palettes flooding my Instagram feed and I decided I would have to get one! 

I bought mine at Myer on sale for $19 (full price is $22.95, either price is a bargain!), and was tossing up between the Metallics and Rich Gems palette before finally deciding on the latter because the green and purple shades just looked so darn pretty! They have a whopping 12 palettes to choose from, so all bases are covered- check out the range here.

Rich Gems is "a collection of gem stone shades with rich metals".

The packaging itself serves as inspiration because I can see all the bright colours inside! It does feel quite plastic-y, but for the price and content, I really don't mind. The plastic lid is actually more sturdy than I thought it would be, but still, I wouldn't want to drop this! The arrangement and size of the palette is modelled after the Naked palette and I love that you get 12 large eyeshadows with no space wasted.

I chose this palette because it has unusual, rich colours mixed in with some everyday bronze shades which makes the palette much more wearable. I mean, even if I don't get much use out of the brights, I can still use the bronzes right? *Unsure if that justifies purchase*

As you can see you get a wonderful collection of shades- blues, greens, neutrals and purples. My eye is always immediately drawn to the bright green third from the left and the royal purple second from the right. 

ChiChi describes their eyeshadows as being 'velvety soft and highly pigmented'. All of the shades are definitely highly pigmented, but I would not describe them as being velvety soft. To me, they are notably 'harder' than Urban Decay's shadows and have more of a satiny smooth texture. The shades with the more metallic finishes eg. the bronzes and light green, are harder than the richer gem shades eg. the royal purple. 

All the shades pick up well with one swipe of a brush, but the softer more pigmented gem colours need a tap to shake off the excess powder. There was minimal fallout with these colours, but not with the lighter ones. Pigmentation is excellent, as you can see from the eye look below. FYI I do not use an eyeshadow primer, only a BB cream on my eyelids. 

I created this look using 7 colours from the palette and I love how the colours meld together so well! The amazing eyelashes I am wearing are from Ivory Lash, which I reviewed here

Wear time is good, and I only noticed some smudging of the greens on the lower lash line after 6 hours of wear which could have been from the usual rubbing, changing of contacts etc. 

It was so wonderfully refreshing to try a look that was different to my usual bronze, natural shades so I took lots of selfies!

Overall, I think this palette is fantastic! I don't wear the bright colours every day, but it is great to have the choice to wear something a bit crazy out for dinner and events. I would highly recommend this palette and yes, ChiChi does ship overseas! I have my eye on er... Well, all of them for my next purchase. 

Have you tried these? What did you think?

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