Etude House Baking Powder Cleansing Foam Moist Face Wash Review

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

I bought this product in December last year in Japan as my HG Neutrogena Foaming Fresh Cleanser had run out and I needed to replace it with a face wash that would also take off my makeup in one wash. I have dry skin and also wanted the chosen face wash to be as non-drying as possible. I remember having a hard time finding a product to match my needs because all the product descriptions were written in Japanese, until I found this at an Etude House counter. 

It contains baking powder to cleanse deep within pores to remove makeup and residue whilst supplying a rich, smooth lather for moist sensation. 

Apologies for the beat-up state of the product, but can you believe this cleanser has lasted me for 8 months?! And it is still 1/4 full with (almost) daily use! I wouldn't be surprised if it lasted until the end of the year!

It has a simple snap lid and squeeze application which, as you can see, can become a bit messy over the months but I much prefer this to any screw top products. I have dropped the product a few times in the shower and this has resulted in the lid being unable to close properly now. Otherwise, everything is a-ok!

The product comes out as a thick, solid cream that looks and feels like a thick moisturiser. It actually smells like sherbet which is quite delightful, yet unusual!

This is the type of foam where you literally only need half a pinch of product to cleanse your whole face! Once water is added it turns into a rich, silky smooth lather that just spreads and spreads. The first time I used it at the end of the day, I remember being super disappointed because it didn't remove my makeup, which was the reason why I bought it. After 2 consecutive washes, there was still BB cream left on my face, not to mention most of my eye makeup. Thus, the claim that this product removes makeup is definitely not true

In terms of moisture, I found this face wash a little stripping. But then again, every foam cleanser I have tried is stripping- this is definitely on the lesser side which is good. Seeing as I couldn't use this as a makeup remover, I started using it in the morning instead. When used on bare skin, the cleanser feels like it really does penetrate into pores and deep cleanses. I welcome this on mornings when I wake up feeling greasy from heavy night treatments, plus the sherbet scent is so yummy and fresh!

Overall, this cleanser will not remove your makeup and is mildly stripping. This is an ok morning cleanser (more suited for oily to normal skin) and although I will probably finish the tube, I won't repurchase this. I would prefer my next morning cleanser to be more hydrating. You can buy this from Ebay for $13.65.

Can you recommend me any hydrating Korean cleansers?

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