I Got a Ring Light! And Super Late Thoughts on the Etude House Chocolate Kiss #2 Peach Kiss Lip Set

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Hi everyone! I'm back from Melbourne and I may do up a small post on my experience there. When I came home I was so happy to see that my Diva ring light had been delivered! I set it up and decided to test it out- so behold, this is my first post using the ring light for my photos. There were some hiccups and I'm not very happy with how some of the photos came out, but I'm positive that I will learn how to use it with time.

The Etude House Chocolate Kiss set came out this year (2014) as part of their Valentines day collection, and now it is no longer available which is why I decided to name this a 'Late Thought' post as there is not much point in reviewing something that is no longer available! I received this item as a gift from Etude House and it is one of those products that I was a bit 'meh' about at first and then ended up liking many months later. 

As it turns out, I really like both of these on their own and together. You are supposed to apply the essence first to moisturise your lips then apply the tint on top.

Very girly packaging as always.

The tint comes in a chapstick form and is definitely not a peach colour. It's more like a fluorescent orange and very intimidating looking.

The essence is essentially a thick, sticky lip gloss that is surprisingly very long lasting. I have dry lips and I actually like sticky lip glosses because I feel more comfortable when I have something thick coating my lips! It applies clear with no discernible shimmer or glitter. It does a fantastic job of deeply moisturising my lips for hours and I actually use it as a base below other lip products because it helps them 'stick' better.

The tint, despite its scary orange colour applies as a medium pink shade on me. How confusing! It's called peach, looks orange and applies pink. Fortunately, I like the ease of use and the colour. It is lightly pigmented, especially when used with the slippery gloss, and the colour is buildable. It's not terribly moisturising, but that's what the essence is for!

Essence applied.
Tint applied over the essence. 
The effect is juicy, subtly tinted pink lips which I personally love because it's just so darn easy! I have been carrying these around in my make up pouch and the thick essence has been a godsend this Winter. However, if you are a lipstick girl, or hate sticky lip products, this set is definitely not for you. 

The following photos were taken using the ring light. I also had a problem with the focus in my photos- they were all very slightly blurry despite having macro on. Sigh.

I really wish I could tell you where to purchase this set but it doesn't seem to be available anywhere. I just feel like these deserved a post because I've been using them so much lately, especially the essence.

To other bloggers who use ring lights- do you have any tips for me regarding the colour and focus of my photos?

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