Ivory Lash Mink Lashes Review

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Some weeks ago I won an Instagram competition by Ivory Lash, a new Australian company that sells cruelty free mink lashes. I was really excited to try them out as I am used to using cheap plastic lashes bought from Ebay so I wanted to see what all the fuss was about and I'll tell you now, the quality did not disappoint! Granted, they are costly for false lashes, ranging from $25-28 a pop, but with proper care can apparently last for 25 wears. 

Mink false lashes are sourced from the fur of Mink animal. The lashes are collected at a particular time during their natural shedding season. The furs are then sterilized to ensure that they are hypoallergenic and then handcrafted onto the cotton band. These mink lashes are free from any chemical dye. 
- Ivory Lash website.

In case you are wondering (I was!), click here to see what a mink looks like.

I was allowed to choose a lash of my choice and I went with the Burlesque lash style from their 'Plush' collection which retails for $28. I was really surprised and pleased when I saw the lashes came in such a pretty, luxurious box! I absolutely love mint coloured anything!

When you pull the ribbon you can easily remove the plastic case from the box.

Product information for the Burlesque lash:

This unique combination of crisscross that gradually builds to long luscious strands will give you an alluring frame to your eyes. An ultra-sexy look for a perfect girls night out. 

Band: Flexi Cotton Thread
Colour: Natural Black
Length: 5 -15 mm
Volume: High

As I always do with false eyelashes, I misjudged the length and they ended up being absolutely massive on my eyes. I'm not even sure if I could wear these to an event, they are so overpowering! Perhaps to a costume party or likewise. 

The first thing I noticed was that the lashes were very long lengthways and I had to cut off a lot more (from the inside portions) before they fit my eye. The band was super soft and I hardly flexed the lashes at all before gluing them to my lash line, yet they adhered to the shape of my eye perfectly. I did not need to fuss and reglue any portion of the lash, it was that thin and supple! 

I also found that the hairs were very curly to start off with- perhaps too much so as the ends of the lashes almost reach my eyebrows! A plus is that I did not have to curl them with my eyelash curler. I also did not need to line over the band with eyeliner because it was jet black, unlike plastic lashes where the band can be speckled with grey and white bits of plastic.

The thickening of lash volume at the outer corners is actually super subtle when worn on the eyes. In fact, due to the immense curl, the hairs appear to be of an even length the whole way around my eye. I would much prefer if the gradual change in length an thickness was more obvious so that it would give the lifted, sexy cat eye effect I love. Regardless, I love how natural and wispy the individual hairs look and feel. 

Due to the curl and volume, these lashes end up giving more of a 'rounded' eye effect, perfect for enlarging your peepers. 

When my sister saw these lashes on me, she asked 'aren't they heavy?' The answer is not at all! They are so light and comfortable, I think I could even forget I'm wearing them. Sometimes false eyelashes pull at the inner corners of my eye and it makes me tear up in pain. As expected, these do not. 

Overall, these are the best quality false lashes I have ever tried, and for $28 you would expect that. Ivory Lash gets full marks for the luxurious packaging, softness, flexibility and comfort of their lashes. If only I had picked a shorter, more natural lash that I could use daily or for night time events!

Have you ever tried mink lashes? Would you pay for a pair of these?

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