Migabee Rosewater Pureberry Oilsoap Review

Friday, 22 August 2014

My first review for this month's Bntnews beauty box is the Migabee Rosewater Oilsoap. I was excited to see that there were some different brands featured such as Belif and Faith in Face. I had not heard of Migabee either, have you?

This product was launched in 2013 and comes in a variety of delicious sounding scents such as lavender, peppermint and honey.  Each is composed of a water soluble 'oilsoap', an agent I have never tried before. The Rosewater version is for all skin types and claims to remove makeup, dirt and oil and leaves your skin feeling soft.

I like the mature packaging on this product and the detailed illustration reminds me of brands such as Crabtree and Evelyn. Also, at 310mL, this product is very generous! The ingredients are printed on the front and they look pretty good as they are mostly comprised of fruit extracts. Strangely enough, my skin had a reaction to this product! Read on to see what happened. 

Side view so you can appreciate the pretty illustration.

Unfortunately the back label is comprised entirely of Hangul, but I imagine the steps are fairly self explanatory. 

This is a swatch of bb cream, lip lacquer, waterproof eyeliner and waterproof mascara. 

The product looks and feels like a thin, clear oil and smells quite strongly of roses. It makes me feel a little heady, so if you are not a fan of rose scented products, this is definitely not for you. When I rub it onto my dry face (with makeup), I can really feel the oil dissolving everything on my skin and turning slightly thicker in texture. When you add water the oil starts to foam up in light, oily bubbles as you rub which was interesting- the name 'oilsoap' is very accurate! 

Oilsoap poured over the top.
Strangely enough, I couldn't get the oil to foam on my hand! In terms of makeup removal, I found it removes everything except my mascara which it hardly touched, no matter how well I work it into my eye area. About 90% of my mascara was remaining after washing. The good thing was that the oil washed off easily with water without leaving any residue. The bad is that I found it very drying for my already dry skin, which is to be expected of a soap product.

I used this in the shower for 3 days to remove my makeup and each time I noticed my skin looked redder than normal after I got out. I put it down to having my shower too hot. However, on the 4th day I decided to test out another makeup remover first which did a great job at cleansing my base makeup. I used the oilsoap in the shower afterwards on my bare skin (I must admit, I am quite vigorous when it comes to cleansing) and when I got out of the shower, my face was really red and inflamed, especially in the middle of my face! I was quite horrified and started noticing some slight swelling and tiny bumps appearing. I layered on some calming products and stopped using the product, yet my skin remained bumpy and rough looking for 3 days afterwards.

I can't recommend this product because I had a moderately severe reaction to it. If I did not have the reaction, I still wouldn't recommend it anyway because it is quite stripping and does not remove waterproof mascara. You can definitely find a more moisturising makeup remover that does a better job, such as the Verikos cleansing balm, a Bntnews product that I loved! 

*I received this product for free for review purposes. All opinions are honest and my own

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