BornPretty Colour Changing Rose Magic Lipstick Review- Green Lipstick?!

Friday, 19 September 2014

When BornPretty asked me to pick out a lip product from their store I was immediately drawn to this crazy green colour changing lipstick from the brand Heng Fang. This product is so strange and I wasn't sure whether it would be gimmicky, so I had to try it for myself!
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The packaging isn't pretty and it's quite thin and 'rattly', but for the price, you can't expect fancy packaging. The light green of the lipstick is emphasised by the clear lid and green tube. 

You get a decent amount of product inside the tube. The product applies thinly so it will last you many months.

The green changes to pink with heat and friction. I tried swatching it on my hand first and here is the swatch literally seconds after the lipstick was applied. The pink turns darker after it is left to settle in for some time. I must mention that this product is incredibly long lasting! This swatch stayed on my hand for a day and a half. 

On my lips the product applies like a thin balm. The product is hard, yet it slides across my lips really smoothly and there is a lot of slip when I press my lips together. It feels like a watery gloss or balm, but not thick or sticky at all! On me it turns a medium, cool toned bright pink which surpringly suits me really well.
Here is a comparison of the website image and my lips. I find the pink is slightly more creamy coloured on me, but the main difference is the finish. It looks much more watery and glossy in the store image whereas my lips look hydrated, but not shiny.

The lipstick is super easy to apply and you don't need a mirror. It applies evenly and most importantly it is extremely moisturising for my dry lips. It leaves a stain, so it lasts well through eating and drinking. Keep in mind that the more you apply, the pinker it gets and also that the pink will turn patchy if you apply it on to dry, flaky lips (this applies to any lip product). 

One day I kept reapplying it in clinic without using a mirror. When I went to the bathroom I got a massive shock as my lips were a bangin' bright pink which is more appropriate for the club than the clinic! I would definitely say the colour is buildable, which is unusual for a lip product. Recently I have been applying it only on the inner parts of my lips for a youthful ulzzang inspired look. 

Here is a full face picture so you can see how the colour suits my tanned skin tone. This is the same eye look as in my Hyuna Red make up look post! I think pink suits the look equally as well! 

Overall I definitely would recommend this product as it's simply fascinating to apply a green balm that turns pink! It's extremely novel, yet the product is super moisturising and long lasting, not to mention easy to apply. For the price, this product performs exceptionally well.

Have you tried a colour changing lipstick? How did you like it? 

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