BornPrettyStore Criss Cross Natural Eyelashes G5-6 Review

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

I am always on the hunt for a pair of fluttery lashes for every day use. Thankfully, BornPrettyStore has a great range, but this means I am always torn between which lashes to review! This time I picked a criss cross lash that (typically) flares out at the outer corners. 

This set of 5 pairs of lashes cost a very inexpensive $6.41! For an idea of the quality of BornPretty Store's lashes, read my last review

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When I first saw these, I thought they would be exactly what I was looking for! Strangely enough, they look vastly different on my eyes than they do in the box.

Close up, the criss cross pattern is not obvious. You can see that the lash is made up of evenly spaced short bunches and long bunches that become very thin at the ends. In the outer corners, 3 more longer bunches are layered over each other to give more volume. The band is translucent and of moderate flexibility. These lashes are thinner than the last pair I tried from BornPretty and they are more malleable. 

The lashes adhered to my lash line with no problems and the lashes are so light, I forgot I had them on. They don't have much curl in them, which I prefer because I can customise the curl angle manually with my eyelash curler. I don't like lashes that are too curly! 

Don't you think they look so much more natural on my eyes than in the box?! Usually I find the opposite is the case with false eyelashes and my small eyes. These lashes look thin, evenly separated and natural from the front and when I look upwards. Strangely when I look down, I find the lashes look a lot larger! This is due to the short bunches creating the volume, which tends to catch the light on some angles, giving them that 'plastic' shine.

These falsies give me the look of having eyelash extensions! I actually really like the natural look these give me, despite looking very different on my eyes than what I was expecting. From conversation distance, the lashes are not obvious at all, but give my eyes that sweet droopy 'puppy eyes' look due to the volume and small curl. 

Overall I think these lashes add the perfect amount of volume for an every day look. I would have preferred these to look more 'wispy' and fluttery rather than separated, but I will still use these every day. I give these a 7/10 because they don't look criss cross and for the shiny plastic look when I look down. These are still miles better than any Ebay lashes I've tried!

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*I received this product for free, but all my opinions are honest and my own.

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