EOS V-Check 2 Tone Brown Circle Lenses Review

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Thank you LoveShoppingholics for sending me these brown lenses! I chose these lenses because I have been on the hunt for a pair of natural, doe eyed brown lenses with a slight enlarging effect. They are slightly bigger than the usual 14mm lenses I wear.

Origin: Korea
Diameter : 14.5mm 
Water Content : 38% 
Base Curve : 8.8mm 
Life Span : 1 year disposal

As always, the packaging from LoveShoppingholics is beautiful and I feel like they genuinely value their customers. I chose to house these brown lenses in the pink bear!

When I opened these, I was surprised at their colour because it is quite different from the images featured on the website! The lenses appear an ashy, milky dark brown which is why I chose them. They looked so innocent and doe-like on the model!

Instead, the lenses are light brown, almost orange! Admittedly, I was a disappointed with this deviation from the website images. 

Over my dark brown eyes, the lenses are opaque and lighten my eyes to a yellow-orange brown. The lens pattern is a lot more obvious in my eyes and to me it looks 'scratchy' when viewed close up. From further away, the pattern is a lot less obvious. I was hoping for a more natural looking milky brown lens, but despite this I actually don't mind these lenses on me. They don't give me a bug eyed look like my G&G BT03 Brown lenses and the enlarging effect is perfect- my eyes look substantially bigger but not too unnaturally so. 

Bright light.
Dim light.
Even though they have a larger diameter, these lenses are quite comfortable and I can wear them for 6 hours. 

Overall, these are the lenses for you if you want a light amber lens with a substantial enlarging effect. Looking at these photos I actually like how they make my eyes look huge and how the colour matches with my hair! The only negative thing I would say about these lenses is that they do not look the same as the promo pictures. But if you're reading this review, then you can be prepared for how they really look when you receive them.

You can these lenses from Loveshoppingholics for $22.90 USD

*I received these lenses for free, but all my opinions are honest and my own.

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