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Sunday, 7 September 2014

Hi all, I thought it was time for a more personal post because I've been caught up in a sea of beauty reviews. Do you guys enjoy my Bntnews reviews btw? Seeing as my Uni schedule is so hectic, I think I've come to the point where I must start refusing brands which is crazy- I never thought I'd get to this point!

Yanto with his medals.
Let's start with Karate. I am so glad I invested my time and money in a sport this year because 2013 was all about Uni, and it was utterly depressing. Yanto and I are currently green belts and are going for our grading next week to become blue belts (hopefully)! We competed in a development tournament some weeks ago, I competed in kata and Yanto in kumite (sparring) and kata. I was drawn against him in kata and after a very close round, he won with 2 votes over my 1 vote. Anyway Yanto ended up with two Gold medals after making his opponent cry in the kumite. He's actually very fearsome in combat and I feel scared for his opponents every time.

Photo taken 1 week into healing. Imagine how it looked before that!
So far the only negative thing to come out of karate is the bruises. At any point in time my forearms and shins are covered in them which is fine for Winter, but I'm dreading the Summer where a pair of short shorts is my go-to! For those interested we do Goju kai style with Shihan Brian Mackie. 

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Unsure if I've mentioned this, but my sister is a genius. She's even been in the papers for scoring so high on her IB exams and is currently doing a double degree in engineering and Chinese at UWA. A few weeks ago, she was offered a full scholarship to go to China and study at her University (Fudan University) of choice for 1 year- they are even paying her to go! Steph and I have always been extremely close and we are best friends. 

We're equally retarded together and there are some things only the other can understand. She left yesterday and I'm really sad about it (so selfish), but of course happy because knowing her, she will have the funniest adventures! So two weeks ago, we went ahead and got helix piercings together. No, they did not hurt- it literally felt like a tiny 'POP' and it was over! I also bought us matching infinity rings because we are sisters to infinity and beyond! 

A month ago (seriously time, you need to calm down), we flew to Melbourne for the sole purpose of seeing Les Miserables because we are cool. The show was good, it can't be compared to the 25th anniversary version, but I appreciated the acting portions and the set. In my eyes Eponine and Javert were the stand outs, but there were no obviously weak links within the cast. I'm still in awe that we were nerdy enough to wear our matching, self designed 24601 Jean Valjean t shirts out in public.

Other than being musical groupies (we also saw Wicked!), we shopped a bit and ate a lot. I was incredibly run down from insomnia and exams the week before, so it was no surprise that my body succumbed to the stress and I got sick. Sigh, it was still an enjoyable trip nonetheless!

I just thought I'd share this (un)beautiful collage of Pika Pom. She is the cutest thing, but not very photogenic and as you can see, she hates cameras. 

There is actually so much going on life right now but I think you guys will be bored if I mention them all! Uni is building up to the point where I will be seeing patients soon, so if you need Chiropractic treatment you know who to contact ;). 

Tell me some interesting things you guys have been up to!?

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