Winterblush Store- Skin79 VIP Gold Collection Super+ BB Cream Review

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Good day! Let me introduce you to Winterblush store and Kim (great name!) who was kind enough to send me a product of my choice to review. I have seen so much chatter about Skin 79 BB creams so I decided on trying the VIP Gold Collection Super + BB Cream which is currently on sale for $21.70.

The great thing about Winterblush is that the store is based in Australia so my package came 1 week (5 business days) after it was sent, as opposed to overseas stores whch can take 3-4 weeks. Navigating around the site, I can see that Winterblush is very selective about the items they sell. I feel very overwhelmed browsing some online stores for cosmetics and skincare because there is way too much choice. Most of the items that Winterblush sells are very popular products worldwide and I like that they narrow down the choice for you!

"A moisturising and hydrating bb cream which will prevent skin from dryness as well as other skincare benefits"


Moisturising texture
Improves wrinkles
Gradually whitens and brightens skin
Covers up redness and other skin imperfections
Perfect for natural look
SPF25, protects against UV rays
Controls sebum production
Improves skin complexion

"Abundant nutrition of Gold and Caviar Extract cares (for) skin intensively to make shiny, healthy skin"

For all skin types.

The packaging feels heavy and certainly looks rich and expensive. At the moment I have 7, yes 7,  BB creams on rotation and this one rules them all. I adore the shiny grey-gold tube and how hygenic the pump is- no more smeared BB cream inside the lid because there is no lid! My only complaint is that the plastic shows up my greasy fingerprints clearly.

To dispense the product, you simply press the button on top of the tube.

Unfortunately, the pump isn't as smooth as I wanted it to be and tends to catch on air pockets, causing the BB cream to 'shoot' out of the tube at high speeds, exemplified by the photo below.

The BB cream is quite grey when you first spread it out, but does settle in to somewhat match my Winter skin within a few minutes. The texture is thick, but spreads to a thinner, more translucent consistency leaving a slightly dewy, not shiny, finish.

Bare skin.
1 layer of BB cream.
The coverage is light and for me, it is not build able otherwise I would end up with a ghastly pale face. It manages to even out the redness of my skin, but does not cover the angry redness of blemishes. It does an extremely good job of brightening my skin tone. My dry skin loves the moisture in this product and on me it wears extremely well. Without powder or concealer, my skin maintains the same fresh dewy look 8 hours later without any caking or separating of product on my face, which is rare even for my dry skin!

I would be interested to see how this fares on oily skin as it does seem to have some control over sebum. I can definitely say this product is a hit for dry skin!

The 2 pictures above were taken with a mix of artificial light and daylight. I am only wearing the BB cream on my skin with no powder/blush/concealer. I noticed that although I only used a small amount of product, the BB cream is highly reflective and shiny. You can see that my forehead especially looks a bit patchy because I used more BB cream in the centre of it. Stay away from this BB cream if you are going anywhere with flash photography!

These last two pictures were taken in natural daylight. The effect of the BB cream is much more natural and does not 'glare' as it does in artificial light, but you can see that the colour is 1 or 2 shades too light for my skin tone.

Overall I love the hydration and finish of this BB cream. I agree with all of its claims except for the coverage- it certainly will not cover blemishes! I use this product on good skin days where I don't have much to cover. My skin is senstive and I have not experienced any adverse effects from this product after 1.5 weeks of continuous use, nor have I seen any improvements. But then again, who actually sees skin improvements from using a BB cream? For me, the only con of this product is the light shade!

This BB cream is great for girls with dry skin seeking light, natural coverage with a slightly dewy finish.

*This product was gifted, but all my opinions are 100% honest.

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