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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Another more personal post! Yanto and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary on Tuesday. I awoke to a love letter, just like our anniversary day last year. I am so blessed to have found a guy like him, quirky as he is. Have I told you his recent 'thing' is handstands? He does them everywhere- in Uni lecture, at Church, at the park, in the hallways of our home... Anyway, we celebrated by skipping class and going out not for one meal, but 2- brunch and dinner! Summer is peeking round the corner and it was a warm, beautiful day so my spirits were high.

Anyway, here is my FOTD. I have officially given up with using the ring light to take my FOTD photos. This is simple, natural light coming from the window- I think it looks better!

I used the warm, neutral colours from ChiChi's Rich Gems palette to create a soft, blended out eye look. I layered my K palette black eyeliner over my Prestige brown pencil liner (coming up for review!) for a soft yet defined look. No eyeshadow on the bottom- just the same eyeshadows used on my upper lid. 

I used my favourite eyelashes from Bornpretty. Use my code KIMH10 for 10% off anything!

Some couple selfies because we never take any. Can anyone guess Yanto's race?

Our chosen brunch place was Typika in Claremont after seeing numerous drool-worthy photos on Instagram. We were not disappointed, it was the best brunch I have ever had in Perth! Highly recommend- please please try it out! The decor and vibe was amazing. I'm unsure about our waiter (tall guy with shoulder length blonde hair)... He seemed sort of sarcastic, but maybe that's just his personality. 

I am a terrible food photographer by the way, I just can't seem to frame an attractive photo! Here is my soy chai latte.

This is my Huevos Rancheros. I chose it because it seemed like the most unique item on the menu. It was spicy, warm and absolutely delicious!

Yanto got two meals- the italian bagel and the Reuben sarnie. He liked the sarnie better, but wanted to try a bagel because he had never tried one before (even though it's literally just dense bread lol). He even topped it off with a dairy free grapefruit and strawberry smoothie which was so delicious I recreated it at home today! I used:

Frozen strawberries
Frozen grapefruit
Soy milk 
Pineapple juice

and Voila! It was an absolutely delicious experiment.

We walked around Claremont for a bit and ducked into a pet shop. Lo and behold, on our anniversary day I ended up buying gifts for Pika pomeranian. I got her some carob and yogurt drops (edible for humans too!) to put into her new purple treat toy. As she rolls the toy, the treats fall out! I also got her a sample mini dental chew which I gave to her today. I have no idea whether she ate it and I have a feeling she buried it :(. I also got a sample of Deliganics organic food. 

After studying for our exams, it was time for dinner at Nine Fine Food a fancy Japanese and French restaurant. We went there because we had an Entertainment book voucher and boy did we make the right choice! I have not had Japanese food of this standard since Hifumi in Japan! We each got the 4 course menu which was far too much for me, but perfect for Yanto's ginormous appetite. With the $30 off it cost $52 each, but Yanto got the bill :). Here are some of the tantalising plates.

Yanto's salmon sashimi entree.
My combo sashimi entree- my favourite dish!
Pork and pork. That pork belly was the softest I have ever tried!
It was extremely dark in the restaurant so apologies for the photos. If I had the money I would go back to Nine Fine Food at least every month! During dinner I felt a craving for grapefruit (from my taste of Yanto's smoothie at brunch!), so we finished off the night with a trip to IGA and I got my 4 grapefruits. 

And that concluded our amazing day of celebrations. 

My heart full of love, my night bright as day.

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