Lip Routine 2014- Sun Sense Lip Balm, Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liner &Kate Liquid Rouge

Monday, 27 October 2014

I've never posted a 'lip routine' because I've well... never had one before unless you count slathering on some lip gloss in the car on my way to Uni! One of my favourite Youtubers is Soothingsista (I wish I was her, she's a mega babe), and after watching one of her make up routines I decided I wanted to venture into the world of lip liners.

After some research, I found that Rimmel's Exaggerate lip liner was the one for me. I chose it because I specifically wanted something cheap and automatic because I have an aversion to cosmetics that need to be sharpened. I've been loving how my lips look with it on and have been wearing it almost daily for the past 2 weeks. It makes me feel and look more 'put together' and ladylike! 

1. Sun Sense Lip Balm (PR sample)
2. Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liner in Addiction, $12.50 from Priceline
3. Kate Liquid Rouge in BR-1, bought in Japan

Step 1- An essential step for any lip routine. I love this balm by Sun Sense because it has a clear gel texture that is not too sticky or too thin. It also has SPF which is a must for Summer!

Step 2- Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liner in Addiction is my new love. It applies so smoothly and the pigmentation is superb! The reason I have always avoided lip liners is because they seemed so fussy and time consuming. This product has proved me wrong and I am going to pick up the rest of the shades on my next trip to Priceline. 

Addiction is a brownish nude that suits my tanned skin perfectly. It makes me look more mature and looks super sexy paired with a smokey eye. Pigmentation is amazing and there is no need to retrace any lip areas. It only takes me 30 seconds to outline and fill in my lips! The finish is matte and the colour lasts around half the day. If used by itself it is drying, but with a prepping balm and gloss on top, I have no problems with hydration!

Step 3- Kate Liquid Rouge Lip Gloss is a thick, glossy neutral colour that adds volume and shine to my lips. The pigmentation is a little sheer but clings to my lips well, so it has a longer life span than most glosses. 

And that's the finished product! The result is a darker nude than I would usually go for, but I still think it's very pretty. Best of all, it's perfect for work/clinic!

What is your experience with lip liners? Do you think they're underrated? 

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