Prestige Intense Liquid Eyeliner Pen Review and Swatches

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

A few weeks ago I was sent an absolutely stunning collection of eyeliners from the brand Prestige! Prestige is available in 46 countries and are best known for their eye products. In Australia you can shop their products at selected Priceline stores. I was so excited when I opened the zipper bag that I started swatching all 22 eyeliners (yes 22!) on my arms at once. I've had a few weeks to test them out and today I'm starting with the Intense Liquid Eye Liner in the colours green, black and blue.

"The Liquid Eyeliner Pen adds drama and definition with stunning results in just one stroke! Creating an intense effect, this easy applicator pen is water resistant, giving you long lasting, perfectly precise lines."

I freaking adore pen eyeliners, so no surprise that these drew my eye first! Pen liners make my every day cat eye so much easier as opposed to a traditional liquid liner which are are much messier. They are also not as fussy as a gel liner and provide that sharp edge that a pencil cannot. These really excited me because I have never tried a coloured pen eyeliner before!

The colours of the pen match the eyeliner itself perfectly. I love that each eyeliner has different text! Compared to my Holy Grail Kpalette pen liner, these are much chubbier.

Unfortunately the felt nibs are quite thick and very stiff. These pens would be much easier to use if the tip was thinner and more flexible.

Here's where it goes downhill.

The colours are quite inconsistent in performance. Out of all 3, the black is definitely the most user friendly as it has a thinner, more inky consistency. On my hand it bleeds into the fine lines, but performs much better on the lid. The nib is thick, but I am able to draw a decently thin wing with no problems. My issue with the black is that it is not pigmented enough and appears washed out if you do not go over the area a few times.

The green and blue felt dried out to me and performed similarly. The nib of the pen is quite hard and I was dragging the stiff, pointy tip over my eyes multiple times to create a strong colour which was uncomfortable. Both colours looked patchy on my eye and the colour rubs off when you touch up the parts that are missing pigment. Performance is worse if your eyelids are even the slightest bit oily.

Furthermore, the blue ink transferred to my crease (see below) even after I made sure the ink was dry! See how patchy the blue is? The green performed similarly.

I added a black wing over the top of the blue. See the improvement in consistency and pigmentation? You can see the black is not 100% even, but it does far better than the green and blue.

I added a black wing over the top of the blue. You can see the black is not 100% even, but it does far better than the green and blue.

My circle lenses are the G&G A21 Gray lens. The amazing eyeliners used on my bottom lash line in all photos are also from Prestige. I created another graphic wing look using the black eyeliner to demonstrate that it is capable of drawing thin, precise lines.

Here is a full face photo to show how the above colourful eye look appears from a distance. I am loving pops of colour on my eyes as the weather gets warmer!

Overall, I don't recommend these eyeliners and think the pictures speak for themselves. The black is not truly black and the green and blue were dry and appear patchy. Unless I got a dodgy batch, the formulas are not worth your money. I really wanted to love this product because I love the idea of colour eyeliners in an easy to use pen form! Prestige, please work on a more inky, more pigmented formula and a more flexible nib that dispenses the product more efficiently. I think this product could be a great hit! 

Have you used Prestige products before?

*I was gifted this item for review, however my opinions are 100% honest

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