Protect Your Skin this Summer! Ego Skincare Mini Reviews

Monday, 6 October 2014

I'm sure most of you who live in Australia are familiar with Ego Pharmaceuticals skin care. Ego produces many products available in most Australian pharmacies including Aqium, Sunsense, Dermaid and QV. I originally approached Ego to be a sponsor for our Hands on India Charity Ball and they actually sent over a hamper worth over $100 to be auctioned off at the Ball, plus a generous haul of products for me to review! Thank you so much for supporting our cause, we are so grateful.

I was sent over the most adorable neoprene bag containing some QV and Sunsense products, just in time for Summer! I feel like Perth doesn't have much of a transition between Winter and Summer- one day it's cold and the next it's hot so you can never be too diligent about protecting your skin.

Face Products
Sun Sense Moisturising Face Lotion, QV Gentle Face Cleanser, Sun Sense Daily Face Invisible Tint Finish and Sun Sense Lip Balm.
Above are the face products I received. I was immediately drawn to the QV gentle cleanser and the Daily Face invisible tint finish! 

"Recommended for the neck and face, this light moisturising sunscreen has a non-greasy formulation and provides SPF 50+ broad spectrum protection. It is ideal for dry skin due to its moisturising base."

The lotion is watery, but extremely rich and the amount you see below is easily enough to cover my whole face. In fact, I found myself looking greasy several hours after application (after applying BB cream). This product is definitely suited to very dry skin and possibly only in milder weather.

"Mild soap-free facial cleanser. Enriched with Safflower oil, this gentle and lightly foaming cleanser is ideal for dry and sensitive skin types. Use morning and night for a healthy glow and soft, supple skin."

This cleanser is currently one of my favorite morning cleansers! Similar to the lotion, it feels extremely rich and slides over my skin so silkily without lathering. I also enjoy the smell- it smells very similar to Phisohex cleanser which I can only describe as 'clean' and 'creamy'. Although it's described as 'mild' I definitely feel that this product cleans my skin well without being drying.

Highly recommend this for dry, sensitive skin!

"A moisturising SPF 50+ broad spectrum sunscreen ideal for everyday use on the face and neck. This light, soft cream has an oil free base and has a sheer tint for an invisible matt finish. Ideal for combination and oily skin. Great for acne prone skin."

Another multitasking product! I was excited for this to double up as a primer, moisturiser and sunscreen because I'm a lazy girl. I actually found this product to be very hydrating. It filled in my pores nicely when first applied and they became noticeably smaller. However I didn't find this product to have much oil control and I had a definite sheen by the afternoon, but I suspect this has to do with the warmer weather. 

You can expect a full review on this product as I test it further.

"When applying sunscreen before you go out, it’s easy to forget the delicate skin on your lips. With SunSense Lip Balm SPF 50+ your lips stay soft, moisturised and protected against the drying and damaging effects of the sun."

This lip balm is a thick, clear gel and I like to squeeze the tube and apply it straight to my lips. It's a good, very hydrating lip balm that keeps my dry lips happy with the added factor of SPF 50+ which gives it a major lead over other lip balms. My mother is a skin cancer surgeon and she removes so many skin cancers from peoples' lips because people often forget to protect them from the sun! Do your lips a favor and don't forget about them!

Packaged together with the QV cleanser was a miniature QV cleanser. Or so I thought. To my absolute delight, it pulled open to reveal a USB stick! I am so taken with this idea- I have no idea where you can get it, but it's amazing. 

Body Products
Sun Sense Bronze Shield self tanner, Sun Sense Sport Sunscreen

"A natural summer glow, with the benefit of very high sun protection. SunSense Bronze Shield SPF 30+ is a light milk sunscreen, easily applied and quickly absorbed, with no greasy residue. The non permanent tint provides instant natural colour for a flawless finish."

This is a product for everyone, even those who don't want a tan, and here's why. The lotion is a rather alarming purple-coco colour, but as you rub it in magic happens. My dry uneven legs, discoloured on one side from birth and covered with bruises from karate turned into Goddess (well, almost) legs I kid you not. The pigment in the lotion evened out the discoloration and my legs literally looked like they were GLOWING. In terms of 'tanning', my skin turned 1-2 shades darker depending on how much I applied. 

You can expect a full review on this one too!

"Lasting protection designed for sports. Sport is a highly protective lotion best suited to those enjoying an outdoors lifestyle. Suitable for all skin types."

This sunscreen is thick and white and does not rub into my dry skin particularly well. It leaves a slight white cast, which is ok compared to other brands (one sunscreen I tried turned me an attractive shade of purple!), but overall is not my favorite sunscreen. I don't know how it performs in a sporting environment.

The couch is Pika's domain and she kept venturing into my photos so this happened.

I definitely recommend heading into your local pharmacy and checking out some Sun Sense and QV products before Summer begins. The products mentioned above are definitely suited for dry skin, however there are mattifying products for oily skin available too. 

Overall my favorites are the QV Gentle cleanser and Sun Sense Bronze Shield! Will you be picking these up?

If you would like to know where to get Ego products, head over here and enter in your postcode to find your nearest store!

*I was gifted these products but my opinions are 100% honest.

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