The Who Blinked First Challenge! See My First Ever Video!

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Hi! I was a bit apprehensive when ClearlyAu asked me to film a video in support of World Sight Day. I have never really filmed a video before using my DSLR and thought it was going to be really hard! 

However, this was for a good cause so I couldn't refuse! Scroll down to see my attempt.

Here's some important information about the #whoblinkedfirst challenge:

Did you know that approximately 285 million people worldwide live with low sight or blindness? 

For every video with the hashtag #whoblinkedfirst a pair of prescription eyeglasses, vitamin A tablets or protective sunglasses will be sent to someone in need around the world

In support of World Sight Day 2014 help raise awareness for blindness and visual impairment by challenging your friends to the ultimate staring contest!

The Rules
No laughing, blinking or looking away. The person who lasts the longest wins! Take a video and hashtag #whoblinkedfirst on any social media channel!

For uploading your video you could WIN a $100 VISA card, prescription eyeglasses or designer sunglasses! See more information here!

Videos are intimidating because you can't Photoshop or conceal much. If you have a pimple, it's gonna show! Thankfully I didn't have one hehe. I was sort of nervous during the speaking portion which was why I was cuddling Pika pomeranian. Silly really, seeing as I was basically talking to myself!

So what did you think? Do I look different in 'real life' to my photos?

I hope you do the challenge! Tag me if you do!

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