Tony Moly Lovely Eye Brow Pencil in Brown Review

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Here's a long drafted review of Tony Moly's Lovely Eye Brow Pencil in the colour Brown. I received this item from Style Story where it retails for the affordable price of $10!

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Product Description
Brow perfection is within reach with these fabulous eyebrow pencils by Tony Moly. The easy to use 2-in-1 brush and pencil combo will help you to create the perfect brow in minutes. Simply apply light feathery strokes to the eyebrow to build volume to your preferred level, then reverse the pencil and brush the brows to blend!

Available in Black, Brown, Black Brown, Gray Brown and Gray.

This pencil is longer than your standard brow pencil and comes in fairly basic black packing. I love fuss free products including retractable pencils because it means I don't have to sharpen them! The opposite lid pulls off to reveal a nice quality spoolie, which I admittedly never use because I prefer a sharp line for my brows, but no doubt a useful tool for those who do use them!

What I noticed first about the pencil was the colour. It is a very light, orangey brown and not at all the  shade I was expecting. The pencil itself is quite hard and more likened to a waxy crayon texture, something I favour in brow products because the lesser pigmentation makes it easier to work with and creates more realistic feathery strokes without scratching. The swatch below shows a line with firm pressure and one made with short strokes as you would fill in your brows.

My eyebrows are extremely sparse so I need to do a fair amount of work on them daily. Below shows the eye brow pencil throughout, concentrated on filling in the arch to make a straight shape. As you can see it does not match the darkness of my brows at all. But I must say that application was very easy and I like the texture of this pencil as it gives a very natural result.

To make this colour look presentable on me, I use my Graymelin Seven Tatoo pen to draw some extra 'hairs' in to make my brows look thicker and more natural. This step actually does not do much to darken the colour of the brown pencil and my brows end up looking quite patchy. 

I was wearing this brow system when I reviewed these G&G A21 Gray circle lenses. Paired together with my hair and skin tone, my brows are too light.

Overall, I think this pencil is good value for money, easy to work with and has a great texture. My only issue here was the colour. I feel like this colour would be more suited to blondes or girls with very light brown hair. Thus, the colour name 'Brown' is misleading- I feel like this pencil should at least be termed 'Light Brown'! Thankfully there are 5 shades to choose from. As I have black roots I think the shades Black and Black Brown would be much better matches. 

But who knows, maybe I'll find a use for this one day if I ever decide to go blonde!

*This product was gifted for review, but all my opinions are 100% honest.

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