Comelyco Aloe 95% Gel Review

Monday, 10 November 2014

I have been seeing Aloe products making their rounds across blogs and Instagram lately and I had already put Nature Republic's 92% aloe gel on my 'to buy list' when in Korea this December. Thus it was fate that I received Comelyco's 95% (even better!) gel in my Bntnews beauty box!

The gel contains 95% Jeju organic aloe and provides rich moisture to and soothes dry skin. It does NOT contain: artificial colors, parabens, benzophenone, animal raw materials, PG, PEG and formaldehyde. The ingredients list is in Hangul so unfortunately I don't know the ingredients of the remaining 5%. Here are some of the many benefits of aloe:

Improves acne scars
Reduces freckles and wrinkles
Renews the skin
Prevents dryness
Improve gut health when ingested
Soothes sunburn
Locks moisture into hair
Anti inflammatory action

For a start, the tub is HUGE! The diameter is larger than the palm of my hand! I feel that the packaging is a little unhygienic as there is no spatula provided, so I have been digging the gel out with my fingers. As always, I prefer squeeze tubes.

The gel is thick and clear with bubbles suspended inside. It's thick enough to hold its shape but wobbles when you shake the tub. Doesn't it look so cooling and soothing!

I have tried the gel as a sunburn treatment, face moisturiser, mosquito bite salve, sleeping pack and primer. I will take you through my experiences!

Sunburn Treatment
I went to an outdoor wedding over the weekend and it was unexpectedly hot! I ended up getting burnt on my shoulders because I didn't apply sunscreen. I am so disappointed in myself for letting this happen. My shoulders were painful and pink when I came back and I put the aloe gel on it immediately. This photo shows my second aloe treatment the morning after. There is some slight redness and raised welts, but compared to the previous day, the results are truly more than I could ask for.

Face moisturiser
Works well to lock moisture in at the end of my routine and appears to slightly tighten my pores. It dries matte and will not give you a dewy finish. As it provides light hydration, using the gel on it's own does not give my dry-normal skin enough hydration, hence I recommend using it after your normal products.

It must be used in a very thin layer before makeup otherwise it will rub off in flakes if you apply it too thickly. I don't feel that it has any noticeable effect on makeup application or longevity.

Mosquito bite salve
With hot weather comes mosquitos. I have an array of bites all over my legs and decided to treat them with aloe The cooling sensation feels really good and stopped the itching immediately due to the pain gate theory. This effect lasted for hours as the dried gel formed a barrier over my skin. 3 hours later the bites were still red but definitely smaller in size. 

Sleeping pack
My favourite way to use this product! There is something supremely satisfying about applying a generous, thick layer of gel to my face. It takes around 10 minutes to fully absorb/dry no matter how thick I apply it. In the morning, I can tell that my redness has diminished and my skin looks even and bright!

Body moisturiser
The gel slides across my skin really easily and spreads to cover a large area. It absorbs super quickly on my dry skin and afterwards my skin looks brighter. However the hydration level is quite light. I would recommend using this after your regular cream to lock the moisture in.

Below is an example of how it works on my extremely dry legs.

My skin looks bright and more yellow somehow, but it looks much more even! Unfortunately as I said before, the gel on it's own is not enough to fully treat my parched skin.

No matter where I apply the gel, there is a lovely cooling sensation. My skin feels so refreshed with every use and I can't wait to see what the long term benefits are for my face!

Overall, Comelyco's aloe gel is a multi use, gentle soothing gel that provides light to moderate hydration, depending on how thickly you apply it. I love that it is a multi use product and is especially useful for sunburn, mosquito bites and damaged skin, all of which commonly occur during the Summer. If you have not tried an aloe gel before, I highly recommend you do! Especially when you hear the price.

A 300g tub of Comelyco aloe gel costs a gobsmacking $5.44 USD on Koreadepart.

Now what are you waiting for?!

Have you tried aloe products before? What was your experience?

*I was gifted this product for review, all my opinions are 100% honest.

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