Doctorcos Amino Acid Hybrid Sheet Free Mask Advanced Cream Re Review

Friday, 14 November 2014

I was super happy to see this item in my latest Bntnews box! It is actually a repeat product from last year (see that review here) and I remember not being too taken with the product at first. Weeks later I ended up loving it so much that I asked a friend to buy a back up for me from Korea. Unfortunately she couldn't find it, so I was ecstatic to see this surprise in my box this time!

Doctorcos has revolutionized the sheet free mask through its advanced moist veil network technology to provide seven amazing benefits in just one application. This new beauty technology allows a three layer effect to ensure the skin is provided with nutrients, skin pore tightening effects, increased elasticity, intensive moisturizing and incredible hydration capabilities to give skin a soft youthful, dewy glow. No need for external serums, this all-in-one product does it all.

When you peel off the security sticker, it leaves behind some silver circles and it will not stick back to the box. This way you can tell if the box has been tampered with.

Last time the cream came in a squeeze tube which is much better for travel. However the tub holds a lot more product and is made of plastic so it is surprisingly light for its size. 

The cream is white as snow and has a creamy, fresh smell common to most sheet masks. It is stiff in the tub but breaks down into a thiner, more watery consistency when spread on the skin. 

I feel like it binds to my skin very well, having almost a primer-like feel when first applied. It is absorbed fully within a few minutes leaving no reside on my skin. In my previous review I mentioned that the hydration was not enough for my dry skin. However, due to going off the Pill and the warmer weather, I find my skin type is now normal-dry. Thus, the hydration in this cream is now adequate for my skin type and I can use this on its own after washing my face without getting that 'tight' feeling afterwards!

From my past and present experiences, I feel like my skin becomes brighter and more even when using this cream. FYI I use it morning and night after cleansing. This is one of the only products I've tried that I can actually say has a brightening effect on my skin. No joke.

Overall, I LOVE this cream and will definitely repurchase it (if I can find it!) in Korea. I highly recommend it and think it is perfect for all skin types, although dry skinned girls may need to use an extra hydrating product on top. 

The Doctorcos sheet free mask is readily available on Ebay for $23 AUD.

I really hope some of you will purchase this cream because it's one of my all time favourites from all the Bntnews boxes I have ever received!

*I was gifted this product for review, all my opinions are 100% honest.

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