Guerisson 9-Complex Cream Review

Thursday, 27 November 2014

The Guerisson 9-Complex Cream is one I have been enjoying for some weeks as part of my recent haul of Bntnews goodies. The first thing I noticed was the expensive, bright orange packaging and the second was the illustration of a horse. There are lots of 'animal creams' on the market- just think snails pig collagen, starfish etc, but I have never seen a horse cream before! After researching, I found that the star ingredient in the cream is horse oil. 

The Guerisson cream is made in Korea using imported horse oil from Germany. The main functions of the cream are to soften and heal the skin, increase cell metabolism, fade scars and prevent wrinkles. You can even use it to heal acne, treat hair loss and heal haemorrhoids! 

Update *28/08/15*
After asking many sources to clarify how the oil is obtained, here is what I have found out. All of them have said NO horses were harmed in the making of any beauty products. The oil comes from under the mane and on other exterior parts of the horse. There are also companies that will take the byproducts from horse meat factories. Unfortunately, further information on these topics are still rare since the ingredient is only just starting to come into the public. Memebox has assured me that I am in no way promoting animal cruelty, so please do not accuse me of that!

Horse oil contains oleic acid and α-linolenic acid which is similar in composition to human subcutaneous fat, allowing the product to be easier absorbed.

The packaging is so luxurious and expensive looking! The cream comes fitted snugly into this circular box along with a handy spatula. To me it looks very different to typical Korean products and I get more of a fancy European vibe when I look at this cream.

The actual pot of cream is quite heavy!

Interestingly, there is no Korean writing on the label at all! There is an English and French translation  of the instructions which tell you the basics- avoid putting the cream on your eyes and to discontinue use if you develop an allergic reaction.

The cream is pale yellow and quite dense with an obvious shine to its surface. It looks thick and has a medium, oily consistency. Because it contains oil as a major ingredient, I find this cream to be very heavy. I noticed it does not absorb into my skin, but leaves a dewy layer on top of it that lasts for hours. It is extremely hydrating and I would actually recommend it to be used as a night cream for normal to dry skin. As it is getting hot in Australia, I only use a tiny pinch of it in the morning, any more than a pinch and you will look oily!

Also worth mentioning is the smell. It has a strong citrus kick to it which is surprising, yet welcome. I don't know what smell I was expecting (horse smell?!), but I was not expecting oranges. I like citrus smells and find it refreshing which in turn, counteracts the heaviness of the cream.

Can you see the shiny, melty texture?

As a night cream it works very well at keeping my skin from losing moisture throughout the night. Despite the heaviness, it has not broken me out! In Winter when my skin gets so dry that it flakes off, this cream will be perfect for day time use to keep my skin looking dewy. I imagine the texture would also allow you to mix it with BB cream.

Overall, I love this as a night cream, hence the photos taken in my kimono pyjamas! I imagine this cream to be a miss for some people because of the oily texture and citrus scent, which is not everyone's cup of tea. Personally, I love the extreme hydration it provides my normal to dry skin. Then again, I do prefer thick and heavy treatment creams so it is not a surprise that I like it.

You can buy this on Korea Depot for $30 USD, which is cheaper than I was expecting!

*I was gifted this product for review, all my opinions are 100% honest.

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The only thing that I feel doubt about is the horse oil! Has anyone used horse oil products before? Please let me know in the comments!

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