Maybelline Superstay Better Skin Foundation and Concealer Review

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Hi everybody! Today's review was gifted by the kind folk over at Nuffnang, and it's the new Maybelline superstay better skin foundation and concealer. I love base products and have a collection of 7 bb creams and foundations on rotation at the moment, so let's see if this one makes it onto my dresser or into my storage drawer!

The line claims to give all day flawless coverage now and smoother, more even skin in 3 weeks and is Maybelline's first vitamin enriched long wear foundation. It contains skin improving ingredient Acetyl-C, a “powerful vitamin derivate [that] leaves skin feeling energized. Skin looks fresh, healthy and radiant. Helps promote skin regeneration, evens discolouration and dull areas for a fresh, healthy and radiant glow.”

Let's start with the foundation:
Flawless coverage
Hydrates & smoothes skin
Evens skin tone
Reduces redness
SPF 14

Available in 8 shades. I picked #021 Nude. When I was picking my shade I noticed majority of the colours had a peachy or pink undertone. Nude was about as neutral as they came.

The packaging is your average Western drugstore glass bottle and pump top lid. It's not particularly eye catching or cute, but it's functional. The pump top is smooth and I didn't have to pump it 100 times to get the product out which was a nice change!

I have henna on my hands after the Hands on India Charity Ball, which served as a good 'blemish' to test the coverage of the foundation.

I was pleasantly surprised at how well the foundation covered up the henna! Texturally, it is about the same consistency as a thick BB cream. It spreads and adheres to my skin strongly, so I suggest using the heat from your fingers to blend it for a more natural finish. 

Next, I tested it on my face which has some redness and blemishes (thanks exams) at the moment. I applied it very sparingly using my fingers to blend.

The shade I picked is too light, which means I have already become darker from the Summer sun (I swatched the product some weeks ago and it matched perfectly)! Sigh, my skin tans so easily. I also wish it was more yellow toned as I look quite ghostly without any bronzer and blush. Colour aside, you can see all the redness is almost completely covered! The foundation sets to a matte finish, differentiating it from BB creams. When I rub my fingers over my skin to test the staying power, no pigment comes off, but excess oil does! I think I can conclude that the coverage and saying power of this foundation is fantastic. 

The product is suited to normal skin, but I find it to be slightly drying on my dry-normal skin. It doesn't emphasise flakes, but it certainly clings to the drier areas of my face. I don't need to set this foundation with powder, but if you have oily skin, you may have to. If you have super dry skin, I don't think this foundation will be suitable for you. As Summer (and more sweat) approaches, I think I will be reaching for this foundation a lot.

Now for the superstay better skin concealer!
Flawless coverage
Covers imperfections
Reduces dark circles
Evens skin tone
Reduces redness

The concealer comes in 2 shades, and I chose the lightest- #02 Light.

The concealer is housed in a squeeze tube with a twist top lid. 

I don't have the worst under eye circles in the world, but there is some darkness to be covered. I simply dot the concealer under my eyes and pat it in with my ring finger.

The concealer blended smoothly and set matte, just like the foundation. There is no sign of creasing during the day. Coverage wise, it works fine for someone like me who has slight darkness. It only provides average coverage on dark blemish scars, but it does cover redness well!

If you have very dark circles, I think this concealer will be too light weight for you unless you use multiple layers. 

Here's how it looks warmed up with some bronzer in natural window light.

This is the most flawless my skin has looked in ages, and it's all because of the foundation because my skin is not its best at the moment.

Overall, I love the foundation and would definitely recommend it for those with oily and normal skin. It indeed does provide flawless coverage, reduces redness and lasts all day on me! This is definitely on my base makeup rotation for Summer. As for the concealer, I think it is a decent, easy to use product. But coverage wise, I think it should deliver more, especially as the foundation is extremely impressive in that department.

I love the idea of a high coverage, long lasting foundation that is good for your skin! I have not tried it daily for three weeks, so I can't comment on any skin changes, but I can confidently say it does not break me out. I wore it for 12 hours to an extremely hot outdoor wedding down South and at the end of the day although I felt sweaty and disgusting, my skin looked so much better than I felt! I might have to go in and pick up a darker shade for Summer! This is a perfect foundation for events.

The Superstay foundation costs $21.95 from Priceline
The Superstay concealer costs $14.95 from Priceline

Are you interested in trying this line?

*I was gifted this product for review, all my opinions are 100% honest.

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