The Hands on India Charity Ball 2014!

Sunday, 2 November 2014

So I went to my second appointment with the Uni counsellor to address my insomnia issues and he asked me to list all the activities and events going on in my life at the moment. Here's what I listed:

Final exams start this week
Uni 5 days a week
12 upcoming sponsored blog posts
Planning the Hands on India Charity Ball
Leave for India 2 days after my exams finish
Work part time on weekends
Karate training
Walking Pika pom every day
Keep updating my blog 2-3 times a week

Mind you, this is all quite typical of any 4th year chiropractic student. But he said 'no wonder you can't sleep!' Apparently my stress level tolerance is quite high, but I have been told that I need to cut down on the amount of activities I do, especially as next year is the final year of my degree. The thing is I literally cannot cut down on any of these activities right now, so I'm just going have to deal with it!

So the long awaited Hands on India Ball was on Saturday and it was successful beyond belief. We don't have an exact money count yet, but it's estimated we made around 
$40 000! 
I can still hardly believe how generous (and rich) some guests were! In the middle of the night, there was a sudden announcement that a guest had spontaneously decided to give us $15 000! Together with our other fund-raising efforts throughout the year, I estimate we have raised around 70k. Incredible.

Every cent goes towards the people in the slums of Siliguri- towards our schools we have over there, paying for children's education, buying piglets for the women and medial supplies. Now on to the night of the ball. I hardly had any time to take photos because I was running around working various jobs at the Ball, so most of these photos were taken by Eyecandy Australia Photography. They did a great job!

My beautifully intricate henna done by some wonderful girls who donated their time to do henna on the guests for free! Isn't it so pretty?

The very good looking Hands on India 2014 team.

Our piglet scheme generated a huge response from the crowd. $30 buys a piglet which we give to women who have no source of income. A pig goes from a piglet to a porker in a year, so they can breed them or sell them at market for a great price! We sold 58 piglets that night!

I designed the Ball schedule ^^.

One of the winners of the silent auction. Look how big that bottle is!

Jim Kidd donated so many amazing prizes that were won via our live auction. Some prizes went for thousands of dollars! These are a pair of Danny Green's signed boxing gloves!

I love that heaps of the guests came fully decked out in Bollywood attire. I initially wasn't planning on getting a sari in India, but after seeing how pretty they are in person, I think I will definitely get one now.

Yanto's henna dragon that the girls had much trouble with. Apparently guys don't get henna!

All of the live auction prizes. Including a pair of signed gloves by Tiger Woods! Much wow.

A beautiful artwork up for auction.

The gorgeous henna artists!

Literally the only photo of me from the night taken on our camera in crappy lighting. My dress was sponsored from Popcherry (old stock now) and I bought a Bollywood head chain from Ebay to match. I think I looked more Grecian than Bollywood, but oh well!

And now to thank our amazing sponsors that kindly donated prizes for the silent auction!

Ego Pharmaceuticals

Clearly Au

Esola jewellery

Physicians Formula

Style Story

Grace Ella Mckie
Pure Glow Juice Cleanses
Overall it was a fantastic night! We were all so excited and glad it was over though, because we have exams this week and have had no chance to study because of all the last minute stuff we had to do for the Ball. Especially for our amazing group leaders who did more than anyone else. Everything was worth it though. 

Again a massive thank you to the guests and sponsors. Without you we could not have had such a successful night. Thank you for helping us help those in need.

'We make a living by what we get... But we make a life by what we give'- Winston Churchill

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