Time to Say Goodbye?

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

To my long hair that is. I've had long hair for around 8 years now and to tell you the truth, I'm bored sick of it. On me, my hair simply exists. It's a constant cycle of dying it, chopping it because it was unhealthy and then waiting for it to grow out again. And I just feel... Common. No one ever compliments my hair because I have never had nice Asian hair that grows healthy and shiny. From birth my hair has been dry, sparse and frizzy with a loose wave to it. 

This is the shortest my hair has ever been in the last 8 years. Even so, it's still not ethnically 'short' or even shoulder length. FYI I cut it myself which explains why it doesn't have much shape!

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I've also had super long, almost blonde hair that made me look a bit dirty.

And one of my favourites! Long and dark brown with a burgundy dip dye.

I'm considering chopping it shoulder length to start off with. I might cry but I'm so curious how it will look on me! I have been absolutely entranced with Kiko Mizuhara's chin length bob lately. She's naturally super gorgeous *jealous* but her haircut really brings out her unique features.

However, my hair texture is not close to hers in the slightest so I have accepted that it will most likely sit like this on me:

Or more like Jenn Im's hair:

I bought a Groupon today for a cut and colour and at this point, I think I'm going to go through with it. I figure even if I hate it, hair always grows back right?

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