Top Image Hair Design (Karawara Branch) Review... And Rant. Your Opinions Please!

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Yesterday I got my chopped at Top Image Hair Design Karawara after searching for the best Asian salons in Perth. I was initially planning on trying out a Korean salon, KthreeG, but online reviews said Top Image was better plus it was closer to my house. On the phone I asked for the price of a Womens cut from long hair to medium length and was quoted $50. I hardly ever get my hair cut at a salon, so I'm not sure what a reasonable price is. But I do know that I have a Groupon for a cut, colour, wash, treatment and style for $59 (I didn't use it because I couldn't get in and I was desperate to have my hair done before I go to India!). 

When I got there, my hairdresser brought me straight over to the hair washing basins. As I went to sit down he said that hair washing costs extra. But "for you", only $10 extra. I found this weird! Isn't a wash usually necessary for a cut? What were they going to do if I didn't want to pay the extra? Just cut my dirty hair when it was dry? I needed a wash so I took that option. Now remember I have a 3 month old ear cartilage piercing that hasn't healed yet? Yes I know, I should have told him and I take full responsibility for that. But at one point he went over my ears and it hurt so badly! It went away quickly so I didn't say anything. When I went back to my seat, my ear was bleeding and throbbing and my piercing was GONE! It had been ripped out of my ear :(. I told my stylist and he said he would try and find it for me later.

At this point I was already in a low mood because my ear hurt and I'd lost my piercing. I showed him Kiko Mizuhara photos of the hair I wanted, explaining I wanted my hair to be longer at the front. He made all the usual hairdresser comments about my hair. Cue... "Your hair is so dry!" and "You don't have much hair". I didn't take it to heart because it's true, but it really didn't help my mood.

At the end of the session he went to go and look for my jewellery. He found one part of it, which I obviously can't use without the other part. I was quite upset because not only did my ear hurt, but I had to go buy new jewellery. Now time to pay. I'm not sure if I'm being unreasonable here, but I sort of expected them to reduce the cost of my visit. Or offer to replace my jewellery? But no, I had to pay $60. They did say sorry though, which you know, I appreciated but doesn't replace my earring.

I had to go to Priceline because there were no body jewellers around that area and buy a new pair of sleepers for $15. These aren't the proper jewellery for a healing piercing so later I will have to buy a new ball bearing earring later for $20. I left the salon feeling really low and depressed and didn't talk for awhile. I went home and put my new sleeper in and my piercing bled and throbbed and generally, it just hurts!

All up my hair + jewellery experience is going to cost me $95 :(. This was probably just a turn of bad luck, but I keep thinking about the situation and whether I'm being unreasonably miffed! It also doesn't help that I'm in exam period at the moment so the extra stress is probably making me emotional. Lol. 

The cut actually looks quite good and everyone says it suits me which is a credit to my hair stylist. However he cut layers in the front, when I specifically asked for the front to be longer. Overall though, my hair is generally shorter at the back. Photos are coming later.

Those of you who go to hair salons often, what is your opinion on my situation? Am I being unreasonable? Or should Top Image have provided better customer service? Please be honest with me! And please let me know if it's normal to have a cut price and an extra charge for a wash!

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