BornPretty Mrui Gold 6 Color Eyeshadow Palette Review

Friday, 12 December 2014

When I got home from India, there were a few goodies waiting for me including this Mrui 6 Color Eyeshadow Palette from BornPretty! I actually picked this item around 2-3 months ago and forgot that it was coming because it had been so long- apparently the Xmas season has really slowed the shipping process.

This 6 colour eyeshadow palette costs $5.99 and I chose #06. Don't forget to use my discount code:
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The box and compact is quite flashy and sturdy. It doesn't look cheap, but I am not a fan of the shiny gold surface which shows finger marks and reminds me of an old lady.

Back view. You can choose from 2 colour combos- 06 which contains pink tones or 08 which contains more purple tones.

Comparison to the size of my hand. You can see the finger marks ick!

I was really pleased to see that none of the colours had cracked during the long shipping process and that the mirror is high quality and large! There is no space wasted in the palette, except for the slot for the sponge applicator (does anyone ever use these?) and the colours all tesselate nicely together. Personally I really like this design! If only the outer packaging were a bit more young and modern, it would be perfect.

To make things easier, I have numbered the eye shadows going clockwise. I was most excited to use colours 2 and 5 because I don't have anything similar in my collection- I usually gravitate towards bronze, neutral palettes. 

To my dismay 2, 3 and 4 swatched completely different to how they looked in the pan! As soon as I started swatching, I realised that there is a glitter spray finish on the surface of the shadows that is a different colour to the actual eyeshadow (which is still shimmery btw). Here is a breakdown of what each colour looks like:

1: Bright shimmer white, looks the same in pan and in swatch.
2: Dark dusty brown, looks completely different to the rich purple in the pan. Disappointing.
3: Navy shimmer blue, appears brighter than in the pan.
4: Medium bronze, loses the lovely rose tinge seen in the pan.
5: Rosey mauve, looks the same in pan and in swatch.
6: Shimmery white with a pink tinge, appears much whiter than the pink seen in the pan.

I was disappointed that the eyeshadows looked so different when they are used, but I managed to create a very pretty look with this palette regardless! My favourite colour is definitely number 5, so this look centred around it.

I used 6 on the inner third of my lids, 5 on the outer two thirds and blended it all out with 4.
On my lower lash line I used 6 and 5 on the inner parts and smoked out the sides with 3. 

I'm using my favourite daily lashes also from BornPretty! The review can be found here.

I found the eyeshadows very silky and blendable, comparable to Urban Decay shadows but with some slight fallout. They do kick up dust as you swipe your brush through them so make sure to tap off the excess powder. Pigmentation wise, the shadows show up well on my skin and the colour pops more if you pat it on with a brush. I think the colours will pop even more on a paler complexion! I was surprised at how well these cool tones suited my tanned skin- usually I end up looking quite sickly. The combination of colours work well together and you can create many versatile looks from this palette as it contains both warm and cool tones.

The eye look makes me look so innocent and girly! My eyes look so big here. 

Overall, $5.99 sure is a bargain for the quality and presentation of this palette. However, my major complaint is that the actual shadows are very different to those in the pan. It is always off-putting when what you see is not what you get. The packaging could be improved too- a simp black would be much nicer!

Find the Mrui palette here at BornPretty and check out their awesome range of affordable products!

*This product was gifted for review, however all my opinions are 100% honest.

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