iSOi Intensive Energizing Cream (Day and Night) Review

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Hello! When you read this I will be around half way through my volunteer trip in India! I will reply to all your lovely comments when I get back in December. This review is on the iSOi (I'm SO Intelligent) Intensive Energising Cream from Bntnews.

It contains 25 natural ingredients to treat 'slack' skin from the inside to create resilient and energetic skin. Vegetable oil creates a moisture veil on the skin to eliminate dryness whilst Bulgarian rose oil brightens the skin tone. The main function of this cream is anti-anging and wrinkle care.

The ingredients list is chock full of super plant based extracts. The ones that stand out to me are shea butter, jojoba seed oil, olive leaf and broccoli! Delicious!

I have to say that this shares a lot of characteristics with the Guerisson horse oil cream I reviewed a few posts ago. 'Intensive' is definitely the correct term to describe this rich cream.

The packaging is simple with a crisp white and gold colour scheme. The actual tub is very weighty and feels so luxurious! White and gold is one of my favourite colour combinations so no surprise that I love how this product looks.

Thumbs up for providing a spatula!

The cream is pale yellow with a shiny surface, just like the Guerisson cream. It feels similar too- it's extremely thick with a smooth, oily and slippery texture when I spread it over my face. The hydration level of this cream is actually equal to an oil treatment! The first time I applied this cream, I applied way too much and my usually normal to dry skin was shining with oil a few hours after applying my make up. So take care to only apply a tiny amount!

I would say that it is even heavier than the Guerisson cream and the dewy sheen stays on my face until it is washed off. I definitely think this is more suited to a night cream as it provides an extreme level of hydration. However, I have used it in the day time using a tiny amount and find that the oils allow my BB cream to glide on so smoothly and I look so glowy and dewy afterwards! Used alone, this cream will provide more than enough moisture for even extremely dry skin.

The smell is very unique and it smells like chai tea to me! I feel that I can definitely sense a spicy cinnamon-like scent when I apply it. I like the smell very much and think most people would find it pleasing.

Apologies for my bony and tendinous hands!
Once again, the vegetable and rose oils become apparent when the cream is rubbed in, leaving you with shining, dewy skin. It comes down to a matter of taste. If you like heavy creams like I do, you will love this cream for the extreme amount of moisture it packs into your skin! It is definitely suited to dry or mature skin, and even then, only at night time or used extremely sparingly in the day. For oily skinned girls, unfortunately this cream will be far too rich for you.

Overall, I like this cream for the intensive moisture it provides. The oil ingredients make it a fantastic base for BB cream and give me a very dewy look when paired together. I can't say it improves wrinkles because I have none, but I can definitely see how it would prevent them by injecting your skin up with moisture! 

*I was gifted this product for review, all my opinions are 100% honest.

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