Pony x MeMebox Palette (Rave) Review!

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

I remember seeing Filia from My Sugar Coffee review this palette months ago when it was only available in Korea. I wanted it so badly because I love Pony! Yes... That was enough reason for me to buy the palette *guilty eyes*.

When Memebox announced that the palette was available for purchase last month I ordered one immediately. Together with shipping it cost $25 AUD and is well worth the price!

"Filled with warm, beautiful nudes that can be layered on to create a variety of looks, this palette features an exclusive selection of pigment-rich, matte, glossy, shimmery and sparkly eye shadows for creating show-stopping eyes"

The shadows are made with nutrient rich oils which allow the pigment to adhere to the skin and prevent flaking.

The packaging is pink, black and pretty funky looking!

The palette itself is quite plain and chic and both the interior and exterior remind me of Sleek's palettes. I for one like plain and mature packaging in eye shadow palettes! It would have been a nice touch to have 'Pony' in pink as it is on the box though.

Tadahhh! Isn't it beautiful? Look how large the pans of eyeshadows are! And that huge mirror. Also note that you get two double ended sponge applicators/brushes in the set. Surprisingly I actually use these and find them to be of nice quality. They are perfect for blending shades on the lower lash line.

Easy Base, Easy Shadow, Easy Charcoal, Easy Brown.
The 4 colours on the left are termed #Easy shadows. They are matte colours perfect for creating depth to the eyes both smoky and neutral looks. I love that the browns have ashy undertones.

Shine Rosegold, Shine Gold, Glam Expresso, Glam Cocoa
 The top row is termed #Shine and comprises of sultry colours that deliver shimmer and shine. I was expecting a wet shine look, but they really just look shimmery.

The second row is #Glam and are supposedly glitter shadows. Personally I don't see much difference between Shine and Glam- they both come off as shimmer shadows to me. See below for the website swatches.

My absolute favourite shades are Easy Shadow, Easy Brown, Glam Expresso and Glam Cocoa! The Easy shades are absolutely perfect to use as nose and cheekbone contour shades on my yellow skin tone. They have a greyish tone to them which makes them much more natural looking than the usual orange/brown toned bronzers on the market. I adore how natural looking they are. If these shades were sold separately as contour shades in a big pan, I would purchase them!

Shine Rosegold on the browbone
Glam Expresso and Glam Cocoa on the lid
Easy Brown, Easy Shadow and Easy Charcoal the blend out the crease and lower lash line

The shadows are hard, yet silky and pick up well with a brush. You can definitely tell that they contain oils because they don't kick up much dust and I rarely need to tap excess product off. As I said before, they don't swatch well on an unprimed arm, but on eyelids (which secrete oil), they adhere extremely well. I don't have a problem with eyeshadows creasing on my eyelids, but I do have a problem with lower lash line shadows smudging. After 6 hours of wear I noticed some very slight unevenness in the edges of my lower shadows which were easily pushed back into place with a finger.

Pigmentation is moderate, which actually makes it much easier to blend and build your look rather than highly pigmented shadows where you are at higher risk of making mistakes.

All the shadows blend easily and I have to give more credit to the Easy shades which are AMAZING for blending and create that beautiful gaussian blur effect to the edges of your eye makeup.

My only complaint is that the glitter is not very evident in the Glam shades, and after hours of wear it is barely noticeable and only looks slightly shimmery at best.

Look how natural Easy Brown looks as a contour shade! I simply dab my blush brush into the pan and apply it to my hollows.

I also used Easy Shadow as a subtle nose contour and Easy Base as a nose and cheekbone highlight.

Here's how Pony's palette performs on the eyes, nose and cheeks in a neutral smokey look.

Check out the gaussian blur effect on my eyes! It's all about shade selection... I seriously can't rave more about how much I love Easy Shadow and Easy Brown. 

Or can I!

I think you can tell how much I love this palette already. 

This palette contains matte, shine and glitter(?) shades that can be appropriately used on the eyes, cheeks and nose. I have never had an eyeshadow palette that contains the right shades or has large enough pans to be able to do this. Furthermore, the shade selection is so versatile and can be used to create neutral or smoky looks. I have been using this every day since I received it and am going to take it travelling with me!

Verdict: Yes, you need this palette.

*I purchased this item with my own money and reviewed it because I wanted to.

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