What are You Grateful for? Plus a Singapore Update!

Saturday, 20 December 2014

Hi everyone! Apologies for the lack of updates recently, I've been in Singapore catching up with friends and family, not to mention battling the crowds in the Christmas shopping rush!

This time of the year is fantastic for getting into that festive spirit after a long year of working. But it's also the best time to really reflect on how fortunate we are. Coming back from India where I saw so many health conditions that could have been prevented so simply, I feel especially grateful. 

Case in point: we saw a child who had an obvious mental and movement disorder. He couldn't move normally and had tics and tremors with every single movement and was drooling everywhere. We noticed that he was sucking on his necklace... On further investigation we found that the pendant was made of lead. He was given the necklace 4 years ago and his condition developed 1 year after.

He had lead poisoning from the necklace. 
And now his condition cannot be reversed. He would be a healthy, normal child if he was simply not given that necklace. I feel so sad remembering him and he will stay in my mind forever.

So comes my gratefulness list:

Unrelated selfie from yesterday.
I am thankful for my body and health and that I have been supplied with the knowledge and education to preserve it. Eat organic and enjoy coconuts!

My Auntie, who is the most generous person in the world, my grandpa and my half sister.
I only get to see them once every two years and I cherish every moment with them.
I am thankful for my family, especially my Mum who has been working hard to improve herself. Without them I would be a lonely girl in a big world. 

Burns beach. Isn't it breathtaking?
I am thankful that I live in Australia where the skies are blue and free of pollution.

Treating a patient in India.
I am thankful that I am part of an amazing, unique profession where I use my hands to heal, naturally.

I am thankful for my boyfriend who not only takes care of me, but encourages me to be a better person every day.

Lastly, I am so thankful for all of you who read my blog and for my lovely sponsors. Out of all the bloggers out there, you choose mine to read and review your products. That is amazing to me.

I'd love to hear what are you grateful for! Let's spread the love on the internet! 

Thank you to Oscar Insurance for emailing me with this fantastic idea for a blog post. Check them out if you live in New York or New Jersey! I'm not being paid to mention them, I just really wanted to write this post.

Now for some Singapore updates! I have been restraining myself from shopping because I'm paranoid I will find the same items for cheaper in Korea. This is what I did on my first day.

My Auntie took me to eat michelin star dim sum at Tim Ho Wan. MICHELIN STAR! Being a poor student, I have only dreamed of tasting anything michelin star. I was so excited and it was absolutely beautiful!

This was my boyfriend's reaction when I told him I ate at a michelin star restaurant:

Never letting this guy go!
I also discovered Tokyu Hands, a Japanese designer lifestyle store. The items are pretty expensive but beautiful. I couldn't resist these cute stamps and ended up spending a disgraceful amount of money on them. Just look at them though D:. 

I also bought some soft rubber rings.

 I must say Singapore's Xmas lights on Orchard rd are the most impressive I have ever seen! Stunning!

The crowds are stunning in a different way.

I wish you all a beautiful, loving Christmas! Thank you again for reading my blog!


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