A Dorky South Korea Travel Update

Friday, 9 January 2015

I'm back from South Korea! And I must say it's a relief to be back to the Southern Hemisphere's warm weather. I'm normally a very cold person (literally- my hands are always freezing), so being in a snowy, sub 0 degree country is quite tortuous for me. Not to mention I looked like an unglamorous marshmallow the whole time *sadface*. I lugged my DSLR camera all the way there and took a grand total of 10 photos because it was simply too cold! I could not bring myself to unglove my hands, unwrap my camera and take a shot. I'm a terrible blogger, I know :(. So for this reason most of my photos were taken on various phone cameras.

Reunited with my sister! We had some amazing skiing stacks which thankfully didn't result in any serious injuries. We went down an intermediate slope without knowing and both ended up hurtling down the slope 100 miles an hour with no idea how to zig zag or slow our impending demise. Screaming all the way of course. I did slightly better than Steph who face planted and skidded prone for another 10 metres before a patrol guard came racing to her aid! She ended up with snow in her goggles, down her pants and inside her thermals.

Do you wanna build a snowman? Sounds fine and dandy, but seriously, it's freaking hard to build a snowman! Our snow just didn't stick together, so we ended up finding naturally pre formed hunks of snow/ice and shaving off the sides to make our miniature, cheat snowman. We named him Min Hwa after our ski instructor who couldn't string together a sentence in English, but was very cute.

Moving along, the food in Korea is fantastic!

As a Bntgirl, I was so surprised to see a Bntnews magazine supplied to every seat on the airport bus! I flicked through and saw that I had reviewed every skincare product featured in the magazine.

A blurry selfie with Steph. Read her blog about living in Shanghai, it's fascinating! 

And here are some of my favourites from the Trick Eye Museum in Hongdae. 

With my half-sister, Jordan. She's such a fun, happy kid. 

I loved exploring Korea and as everyone says, the shopping was to die for! Although we had 7 days in Seoul, there were so many things we didn't have time for such as cat/dog cafes and Jeju Island. I would love to go back some day in a more forgiving season! 

Apologies for such a lacking post, but I was simply either too cold or busy to whip out my huge camera!

Did you go on holiday? Tell me where!

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