BornPretty BOB Curl Upwards Flawless Definition Mascara Review

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

I really like reviewing mascaras, although I don't do it often. Mascaras are deathly expensive in Perth which is why I always end up refilling my favourite Maybelline Collosal Lash (waterproof) stash overseas. I'm always on the hunt for a cheaper alternative which is why I chose to review this affordable mascara from BornPretty. 

You can buy the mascara for a super cheap $3.99 here! 
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This mascara is made by a company called BOB and is simply named 'long lasting, super waterproof mascara' on the packaging. The tube itself has 'curl upwards' printed on it, so from this I gather the mascara's main functions are to curl and hold the lashes in place.

I don't have any pictures of the packaging because my box was crushed in the mail, but you can view packaging photos on the product page. Thankfully all the products were fine! 

The tube is actually very cool and unique! It's long and thin, matte black with pink and silver foil details. It definitely gives off a party vibe! It could have done without the random ovals on the bottom end though.

The Engrish on the box: 
"With the latest thick and roll formula, applied slightly will keep eyelashes thick and curve for day long, show your charming eyes. The raise-roll wax formula would raise each eyelash rapidly, keep it roll from 75 degrees as a perfect sharp. The unique designed plastic brush, tidy thick eyelash clearly without any agglomeration or conglutination".

These descriptions always make me giggle! 

I was quite excited when I saw the brush! It reminds me of a mix between the comb like brush of Majorlica Majorca mascaras and Covergirl's Lash Blast mascara, both of which I liked. The great thing about this type of comb-like plastic brush is that it does not pick up too much product, meaning less clumping. 

The formula is definitely reminiscent of Majorlica Majorca mascaras. It is thin, inky and 'stretchy', if you get what I mean. Pictures really give you the most information when it comes to mascaras, so here goes!

Bare Lashes
Curled with Etude House's eyelash curler.

1 Coat 
The mascara separates my lashes really well with 0 clumping, however there is hardly any lengthening or volumising going on. It did not hold or add curl as I hoped, but my lashes drooped slightly with the wetness of the formula. I have a feeling that as the product dries out with use, it will hold curl better. Great for giving you that super natural, wide-eyed Korean drama 'I'm not wearing makeup' look.

2 Coats
My eyelashes turn visible (yay!) with 2 coats of mascara. My eyelashes are definitely well separated, but clumped together at the same time which makes them look a little spiky. There is some lengthening going on, but no volumizing action. The mascara dries very quickly which is great because you can go back in with your eyelash curler and recurl your lashes. I found mine drooped slightly more after the second coat.

On the plus side, it is definitely long lasting, and does not budge all day. Majorlica Majorca mascaras are notorious for being difficult to remove, however 3 coats of this mascara came off with one wash of my makeup removing cleanser! 

I don't think this is a bad product, it sits more on the average 6/10 mark within the scale of mascaras I have tried. It separates and holds lashes well, and in time may hold curl better as it dries out. It actually performs better than mascaras that cost 5 times as much!

If you are looking for that natural, Kbeauty curl, 1 coat of this mascara is perfect for that. And for BornPretty's $3.99 price tag, you can't go wrong!

However, look elsewhere if you are on the hunt for a mascara that will give you dramatic Look-at-me lashes. 

How do you prefer your lashes to look?

*This product was gifted for review. My opinions are 100% honest.

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