BornPretty Gold Foil Eye Make Up Tattoo Review!

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Last year, BornPretty Store asked me whether I would like to review some of their new gold foil eye makeup temporary tattoos. I hesitantly said yes because they looked so 'out there', but boy am I glad I tried these out because I absolutely love the effect! Must.Get.More.

The set I am reviewing only costs $1! Keep my discount code KIMH10 in mind for 10% off any full priced items from BornPretty.

The sheet comes with two beautiful gold foil designs that are safe for everyone except those with highly sensitive skin. I suggest trying out some of the random stars around the designs on your wrist first if that is the case.

The first is comprised of stars and pentagons.

The second is a bold, loopy baroque style which kind of reminds me of a masquerade mask!

I decided to try out the baroque style tattoo first because it appealed to me more. So, how do you use these? 

Simply cut out the design you want to try and cleanse your skin of any oil.

I decided I only wanted to try on the upper lid design so I cut off the bottom line (I love how customisable these are)!

Close your eye and place the tattoo (foil side down) where you want it. I chose to have the bottommost part of the tattoo directly over my eyelid crease.

Wet a sponge with water and hold it over the paper back for 30 seconds.

Remove and peel off the paper backing.

VOILA! That easy! The hardest part was placing the tattoos evenly on both sides. Mine are slightly wonky, but no one will notice because they will be too stunned by the flashy design!

To complete my eye make up I added a double black and turquoise winged eyeliner for a 'Cleopatra' look. Some glitter between the wings and some falsies completed the look!

Contacts are my G&G Brown GT03's.

As you can see, the foil has cracked in some areas. This is unavoidable unless you have an expressionless botoxed face, because your forehead and eyebrows will move as you go about whichever party you are attending. The foil is solid and extremely reflective and will not come off your skin unless rubbed hard. The website claims that the tattoo will last days if applied correctly, but I don't really see how that is possible unless you don't wash your face (don't do that)!

Here are some selfies with finished makeup. I chose to draw my brows very arched, kept my lips a pinky neutral and applied heaps of bronzer for a Goddess-like effect. So easy, yet makes such an impact!

I added my gold head chain I made for my elf cosplay I wore to Supanova 2013 for the finishing touch.

I kept my tattoos on for 6 hours (at home), and they did not crack any further. It looked exactly the same until I removed it with a cotton pad and makeup remover. Make sure to thoroughly saturate the tattoo with product before gently rubbing because they are a little stubborn. The tattoo will not dissolve, but rather rolls up into little balls.

Overall, I am in love with this look and think it's an amazingly easy, pretty and effective part of any grecian inspired costume. I'm going to stockpile some designs for use in the future- for only $1 for two pairs, it is so worth it! Check out BornPretty's range of eye and body tattoos here!

Just to illustrate how strange life can be sometimes. Me taking selfies, wearing no pants, in full cleopatra make up whilst Yanto swings around his sledge hammer (he uses it to work out) in the background. 

Buy these star and baroque style foil tattoos here for $1!

Would you wear these? What costume would you incorporate them into?

*I was gifted this item for review. All opinions are 100% honest.

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