Dhowaus Ebay Store- SLC Premium Mask and Vanedo Beauty Friends Sheet Mask Review

Sunday, 18 January 2015

I haven't made a post detailing this, but my skin has changed drastically within the last few months because 1. I went off the Pill and 2. It's Summer. For the first time in years of having dry, flaky skin I now have combination/oily skin. I get very oily on my T zone around the middle of the day and can even see a sheen on my cheeks! 

This means I've had to experiment with my skincare routine. I used to use 2-3 heavy moisturisers in a row to quench my dehydrated skin, but now this just blocks my pores and gives me blackheads. I was worried that sheet masks would be too heavy to use on my now oily skin, so proceeded with caution when I was sent a whole bunch of SLC and Vanedo masks to review from Ebay store dhowaus.

The best thing about this store is that it is based in Perth, so my package arrived within 2 days of confirmation! I am used to waiting weeks for packages from overseas so I was so surprised and amazed when I opened the package. The speedy shipping time is definitely a major plus!

I received 3 x SLC Premium Bio-Cellulose masks which come in 3 types.

Anti-wrinkle- Improves skin elasticity, pore care and skin flexibility.
Brightening- Improves skin tone, natural gloss and cleanses skin.
AC control- Reduces redness, sensitive skin, moisture and oil balance.

As soon as you unfold the mask, it's obvious that this is a high quality product. The mask itself is made of Bio-Cellulose. So what is Bio-Cellulose?

A: It is a natural polymer, similar to coconut jelly made from growing micro-organisms in coconut water. A highly concentrated serum is then mixed with the coconut jelly sheet.

I don't know about you, but I think that is incredibly cool. What's more, the sheet itself actually feels like a slice of fresh coconut meat! All slippery and squishy!

As with other premium quality masks I've tried, it comes sandwiched between a wax sheet and a thicker, plastic sheet with pores. I assume these extra layers are included because the mask sheet is very delicate.

Check out the texture of the mask! Doesn't it look like a thin slice of coconut? The sheet is very thin and malleable so you can press out any creases and air bubbles very easily. It adheres to my skin surface 100% and does not slide or budge, even when I shake my head around or rub my nose.

The only issue I have with this mask is that it has HUGE eye and mouth holes. I have scars around my chin and mouth area, so I felt a bit cheated that the mask did not even cover my problem area or the skin under my eyes, which is a common problem area for many people! 

Fits my face like a glove!

Immediately after removing the mask (and slathering the left overs over my whole body, no wasting here!) and rubbing it in, my skin feels rather excellent as it usually does after a mask treatment.

The wrinkle care mask was too heavy for my oily skin, and I found there was a lot of excess serum on my face after the mask was removed. I retained a lovely dewy, moist look for an hour and then slowly transitioned into plain greasy as the day passed. Go for this mask if you have dry or mature skin.

The brightening mask is my second favourite because it had a definite brightening effect on my skin immediately after removal. It was moisturising, but less so than the wrinkle care mask. The serum absorbed into my skin within 5-15 minutes and I only felt a little greasy during the day.

Last, but certainly not least, the AC control mask performed the best for me! My skin absorbed almost all the serum in the mask which came off my skin feeling very tacky. There was hardly any excess serum to rub in and there was no dewy, moist look. Instead my skin looked bright, plump and shine-free. This mask definitely reduced the redness over my problem areas and my skin looked so smooth afterwards! By far my favourite.

Overall, I was surprised that I could tell a definite difference in my skin after each of the masks, and that they each had a unique effect on my skin. My recommendations are:

Oily skin- AC control.
Dry skin- Brightening or Wrinkle care.

1 mask costs $5.99 AUD and 3 masks cost $15.99. 
You can get them here on the Dhowaus store.

These masks are expensive, but the quality is definitely premium. The AC mask may be the most effective sheet mask I have ever tried! Unfortunately, as a poor student, I just can't justify buying a sheet mask for $6 a piece! *cries in corner*

The next set are the Vanedo Beauty Friends masks. These are MUCH more affordable than the SLC masks at less than $1 a piece! The owner of the store, Kevin, was so kind to send me all 10 options available! Seeing all the bright colours together makes me happy.

I think the Royal Jelly, Potato and Herb are the most interesting 'flavours'!

Each sheet mask has 3 functions, but some of these functions overlap. So far I have tried:

Lemon- Brightening, Firming, Refining.
Aloe- Soothing, Convergence, Nutrition.
Collagen- Firming, Moisturizing, Refining.

The masks are made of a felt-like material which is rather thick and papery, but still nicely saturated with serum. The positive to this mask is that the eye holes are adjustable- you can extend the material up to cover your under eyes as much as you like and just fold the excess sheet down! The mouth hole also fits much better than the SLC mask.  Despite being made of a cheaper material, there were not many air bubbles and the sheet-skin contact was very good!

The negatives include the forehead area being far too big, so a lot of serum ends up in my hair.

I also noticed that these masks felt a lot more cooling than the SLC ones. 

My skin immediately after removing the Lemon sheet. I was so surprised at how even and bright my skin looked!

Unlike the SLC variations, I could not tell much difference between the different types of Vanedo masks. To me, the results were all very similar, and thankfully the results were good! As you can see, there is no dewy or greasy layer left upon my skin. The serum absorbed into my face within 5 minutes, leaving it feeling refreshed and matte. I noticed that my skin produces less oil during the day after I have used these! 

Verdict: my oily skin loves these masks! 

So far I have not come across one that I think would be more suitable for dry skin. When I had dry skin, I really favoured masks that left a layer of serum on my face for that extreme dewy look. None of the Vanedo masks have had that effect.

Overall, these masks have a great fit and would be great for normal/combo/oily skin. What's also great is the price!

You can buy a pack of 14 masks here for $12.50 AUD, making each piece 89c!

Plus, shipping is FREE Australia-wide and will be at your doorstep within 3 days. That's a really good deal and definitely one I will be taking advantage of when I finish off my set. So far my favourite type has been Lemon.

Please visit dhowaus for more Korean beauty products. I am super duper impressed with the service and ultra fast shipping!

*These items were gifted for review, my opinions are 100% honest.

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