Jaycee Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Cosplay Progress Report

Saturday, 31 January 2015

This is the reason I haven't been paying much attention to Uni and my blog lately. I have become obsessed with sewing this year's cosplay! I am in my last and hardest year of my degree, and this is the absolute worst time to begin obsessing over something, but I can't help it!

I've played the Tekken franchise since I was young, I loved going to my cousin's house when I was not yet a teen and I distinctly remember that my favourite character was King. We purchased Tekken Tag Tournament 2 last year and I was quite taken with Jaycee aka Julia Chang, because she is quite difficult to play. 

Her Jaycee wrestling costume is much better than her normal garb. It has the appearance of being quite scandalous, but she's actually all covered up except for her butt. 

I don't have boobs so my chest is practically fully covered haha.

FYI, I have never sewn anything in my life before. I showed my Mum the costume and she gasped and said 'that's too hard! There are too many components!' I didn't listen and got her to show me how to use the sewing machine and overlocker and proceeded by myself.

I started by making multiple trips to spotlight for pattern cutting material, lycra, eyelets, metal rings, coloured thread and all the right bits and bobs. I actually spent hours drawing my own pattern to fit my body exactly and made a prototype out of scrap lyrca first before I started using the real material. All up this costume is going to cost me around $200! And I don't regret it one bit.

Then there were all the other things you don't think about. For example- lining, interfacing, boob padding, etc. I became obsessed with finding my way around all the challenges. Instead of typing my management plans and studying, I found myself sitting at the table surrounded by piles of material for days. 

I have tunnel vision when I have a goal in mind. That combined with my obsessive, perfectionist personality means I get what I want, but at the expense of forgetting about everything else important!

The leotard is almost finished, bar the blue outline because I am waiting for my material to come. I ordered it online because Spotlight didn't have the perfect blue. I also need to attach the rings to the sides.

I'm very proud of the corset back! The silver material is stretchy, so by itself will not hold an eyelet (the rings that the ribbon goes through) because it will stretch and the metal will fall out. I got around it by ironing on stiffer interface and then pounding the eyelets through.

This is my bondage collar (lol) which holds the whole leotard up via metal rings. I'm waiting on silver rings to come from the States- you have no idea how hard it is to find 1.5 inch silver metal rings!

My gloves! I need to add padded elbow shields and wrist cuffs.

The mask will be the most challenging part I think. Here I practiced making a half balaclava out of scraps as a base for the mask. 

I am taking a hiatus from sewing now, simply because I can't proceed any further without my metal rings, canvas shoes and blue material! Have you ever been this obsessed with something before?

I cannot believe that this is my first time sewing and I have made a bustier leotard with a corset back. Every website I looked up said that they are very difficult to make, haha. 

I am crazy.

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