LUSH Confident Liquid Lipstick (Marsala) Review

Sunday, 25 January 2015

I'm sure everyone has heard that the 2015 Pantone colour of the year is Masala? Well LUSH has just released a new liquid lipstick inspired by the deep, wine red colour of Masala! As soon as I saw the press release I knew I had to request a sample. 

I'm a big fan of LUSH haircare and bath products, but I had never tried any of their make up until now. I was intrigued after I read the idea behind their cosmetics line named 'Emotional Brilliance':

Emotional Brilliance matches your psychological needs with the colours you should be wearing. The range- consisting of lip colours, eyeliners and eye shadows- is not about wearing make up that's in season or someone else's vision of what's on trend, because it won't fulfil your needs. Emotional Brilliance works as a way to wear something that's designed for you- each word corresponds to a colour. You wear them to get that point across. It's the power of suggestion- it's enough that you believe in it, you will then start to behave in a certain way.- Press release

I recently rewatched 'The Secret' and fully believe in the power of thought and suggestion. Yes, I'm one of those people with mantras, dream boards, journals, the whole deal. I love this concept of linking thought and emotion to your make up! 

This particular colour is aptly named 'Confidence'. 

"Your CONFIDENT nature shines through today. People admire you all around for your self –belief. Some may feel irritated by your assured manner, as they might not be feeling so great themselves. That said, your focus should be on your certainty as it is making you strong. You might need a little bit of self-belief today, and that is why your subconscious is asking you for some confidence. Wear this colour to give you the assurance you may need at this moment, and let it remind you of what you require as you continue your day. Feeling CONFIDENT is key, and you have this in spades. What a talent to possess today! It can help you achieve anything! Stay bold and great things will come of it."- LUSH au

Sounds a bit like a horoscope doesn't it?

LUSH's liquid lipsticks have an impressively short ingredients list including jojoba oil, rose wax and candelilla wax base to soften dry lips (full ingredients list). LUSH claims that colour pigment can be adjusted to however bold you like, and will stay put all day long. The product is 100% vegan and is not tested on animals. 

The liquid lipsticks can also be used as a cream blush!

The packaging is minimalistic and my little vial of rich colour looked so appealing I had to try it on immediately! The lid looks like an eyedropper, but unscrews to reveal a short felt applicator. Considering that words play a pivotal role in the Emotional Brilliance line, I find it odd that they are not directly printed onto the glass container. Instead we just get a paper label marked with 'Confident'- what if I lose it and forget the name? 

I applied Confident directly to my lips, sans balm, to test it out properly. With a colour as bold as Confident, you need to take your time with the applicator and make sure to wipe it off before you outline the edges of your lips. The applicator was adequate enough to draw a sharp edge, but felt a bit clumsy.

The formula is like nothing I have ever tried before. It's thin, waxy and highly pigmented similar to how I imagine a melted cream eyeshadow to feel. The jojoba oil allows the colour to glide over my lips in a thin layer that is indeed buildable. My swatches show one generously applied coat- see how it is very slightly patchy? I have found the best way to avoid this is to apply, blot with a tissue and then reapply. It is super moisturising and is one of the only lipsticks, in my opinion, that can be applied without a balm underneath. There is no way your lips will get dry with this product on!

The finish is semi-matte and actually has a cool toned pearlescent sheen to it which is more visible in person. The colour is extremely bold, almost bordering on goth! I adore the colour and think it would look best on medium to dark skin tones.

As you can see from the swatches, the colour does bleed slightly- but only enough to be noticed in a macro photograph. Disappointingly, the colour does not last long on me at all. Again, because of the oil based formula, the lipstick never dries/sets and thus remains wet and slippery on the lips until it wears off. I ate a nectarine whilst wearing it and ended up with lipstick smeared all over my chin! It will also transfer to anything that touches your lips, so be careful. You will definitely need to reapply these after a meal.

I also must mention the smell. To me it smells like some kind of spice used in curries? I'm not sure whether it's just this shade that has the smell, but I don't like it. Thankfully it disappears after application.

In the next 2 photos I used a touch of Confident on my cheeks. I don't particularly like using cream/liquid blushes (personal preference), but just letting you know it's a viable option.

Overall I think these are pretty great! Really, the only negative is the short wear time, which is really not an issue for more neutral shades. I love the alchemy themed packaging, the punchy pigmentation and the fact that my lips will never get dry while wearing this product. It also contains some super ingredients that do not harm you or any animals in the process.

The price is good for a vegan product, you can buy it online or in store for $19.95 AUD.

Have you tried any of LUSH's cosmetics? What did you think?

*I was gifted this product for review. All my opinions are 100% honest.

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