Prestige Color Intense Eyeliner Review

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Today I'm going to review a set of the Prestige Color Intense Eyeliners! I actually received these a long time ago amongst some other Prestige liners (see those reviews here). 

"Get intense colour! The Colour Intense Eyeliner consists of an extra soft texture which creates a tattoo effect when applied. Available in a range of iridescent colours this eyeliner is waterproof making it extra long lasting".

I always appreciate it when products of the same line have packaging to match the actual colour of the product, especially when I have so many items in my stash! 

The names are fairly self explanatory. From front to back: the Blue, the Violet, the Brown, the Green and the Black.

Unfortunately these liners are not automatic so you will have to use a sharpener every 2-3 uses to maintain a useable tip. I'm so lazy that I usually end up reaching for an automatic pencil every time these become blunt. 

All of the colours are iridescent except for the Black. The 3 colours on the left are slightly patchy when used to colour in a thick area, but perform well when used to draw a single line. True to the description, these liners set after a few minutes which allowed me to rub a finger over the swatch without smudging anything. 

My favourite colours are the Violet for it's beautiful holographic effect, the Green because it reminds me of a scarab beetle and the Brown which is brighter than most brown liners and great for everyday use!

Under running water- Good
Rubbing- Good
Under running water + Rubbing- Not so good (pictured above)

These liners are waterproof as long as you don't rub them. Thus, they are not truly waterproof.

I used the Green, the Brown and the Black to create this sexy, smokey green look. I used the liners as a base by applying them messily to my lids and blending them out using a fluffy brush. I used a small amount of eyeshadow on top to set. These are not the best liners to use as bases because these liners set after a minute or so, you need to work very quickly with your blending brush! 

Eyelashes from Born Pretty!

Now for the most important aspect of an eyeliner.

How do they wear throughout the day?

Note: Lately my skin (including eyelids) has been becoming more and more oily such that I would now describe my skin as combination! I still don't use an eye primer but probably should invest in one considering these changes.

On my unprimed, oily eyelids, these liners only smudge in the inner corners of my eyes after a good 5-6 hours of wear. This is a very common occurrence for me because of the way my eyelids fold and happens with almost every eyeliner I have tried. When used all over the lid, there is only minimal creasing at the end of the day.

On my lower lash line which is much more prone to smudging and oil, these liners last for around the same amount of time but smudge more. I find that the colour settles into the fine creases of my eyes. 

Overall, these liners perform well on oily, unprimed eyelids. I think they would perform exceptionally better on primed eyelids, plus the colour selection is great! I'm in love with the green- it really matches my Summer skin. I don't think it's worth it to get the whole selection, but I'd recommend selecting one or two of the fun colours to try out!

The Prestige Color Intense Gel Eyeliners are available for $14.95 from Priceline.

*I was gifted these items for review, however my opinions are 100% honest

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