[Bntgirls Collaboration] 4Minute 'Cold Rain' Ji Hyun Make up Look

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Hi everyone! Us Bntgirls have decided to do another collaboration and this time we are recreating the look from 4Minute's new MV, 'Cold Rain'. The video and lyrics are sorrowful and moody, enhanced with a cold blue filter placed over the film. 

I am recreating Ji Hyun's look. Please check out the other girls' blogs for their looks!

The filter actually changes the look of the makeup drastically. Below it looks like Jihyun's lips are a very dark purple.

However, in this BTS photo, you can see that her lips are actually a brighter more warm toned red. I based my makeup look on the unfiltered photo. 

She is vampire pale in the video, so I lightened my skin tone using Etude House Cotton fit BB cream in W13 and covered any flaws with Maybelline's Better Skin liquid Concealer in Light. Pack on the translucent powder for matte skin and make to sure heavily contour your nose bridge, cheekbones and jaw bone. I love using Easy Shadow from the Pony x Memebox palette because it is yellow/grey toned and extremely blendable.

Ji Hyun's eye make up is very simple, with the main point being the layering of eye shadow underneath the eyes to create depth. I don't normally do bottom-heavy looks, but I actually liked the moody effect it had on my whole face!

I used Shine Gold from the Pony x Memebox eyeshadow palette all over the lid and Easy Shadow to blend out the edges. I used both shades on the bottom lash line too, making sure to drag down the colour around 1cm at the most. Ji Hyun definitely has a lighter eyeshadow on her brow bones, creating more depth to her eyes and making her eyebrows stand out cleanly. I used Easy Base from the Pony x Memebox palette.

I lined my eyes as usual, taking care not to wing it too much. I really layered on the mascara (Maybelline the Falsies waterproof) on the lower lashes to create that bottom-heavy look. 

I chose a heavy pair of criss cross falsies to complete the look. To be more accurate I could have gone with a lighter pair and a black circle lens, but these products were the closest I had!

Ji Hyun's eyebrows are straight, moderately thick and start around 1cm medial to the inner corners of her eyes. I used my trusty Visee powder and pencil eyebrow to bring my brows further 'in' towards my nose bridge, which also happens to make my nose look slimmer.

Jihyun's lips are full, but not as thick as my natural lips. Lipliner is a must if you want to alter your lip shape! In my case I drew my lips slightly smaller than they actually are, making my top lip thinner than my bottom using Rimmel's Exaggerate lip liner. Make sure to draw in a sharp cupids bow!

I finished with 1 layer of Revlon Superlustrous lipstick in Rum Raisin, then topped it with Wine with Everything to create some brightness and warmth. 

Here is the final look in natural light without a filter. 

To achieve the dark, blue filter I simply pushed the colour balance towards blue, resulting in the final images!

Overall I am very happy with the accuracy of my work! Comparing the pictures side by side now, I would have changed my circle lenses because my eyes actually look too big compared to hers, and drawn my bottom lip slightly thinner. I am not normally a 'red lip' girl because I don't think reds suit me, but I was pleasantly surprised with how well this look came together on me.

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Stay tuned as we will be receiving our next Bntnews beauty boxes soon and will be voicing our thoughts on the hottest Korean products!

What do you think of this look?

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