Etude House Dear My Enamel Gloss Review

Sunday, 22 February 2015

I hope everyone had a smashing weekend! I, for one, was extremely depressed all weekend because I finished watching Samurai Champloo, the one and only anime I have ever loved. I generally don't like anime because I find the female characters extremely grating (honest truth, sorry), but Samurai Champloo has none of that. Every aspect of the series is simply astounding both at its time of creation (2004) and today. The contrast of hip hop music (RIP Nujabes) with the Edo period setting and crazy personalities kept me enthralled and obsessed until the end. Not to mention I have a big crush on Jin, hehe. If you haven't watched Samurai Champloo, please do!

I picked up the Etude House Dear My Enamel Gloss on my travels in Korea. I don't remember how much I paid for it, but you can get on KoreaDepart for $4.34 USD. I was looking for a nice darker every day nude and shade EBE 102, Chic Enamel Beige,  matched that description best.

A combination of lipstick and lip gloss with vivid real color and enamel gloss
Hybrid coating system maintains moisture on the lips
Rose oil and honey extracts for lip nutrition and hydration
Long lasting

I actually really like the packaging! It's expensive-looking and has some weight to it. I have also been carrying it around loose in the front pocket of my backpack alongside pens, keys and various other items and there are no sign of scratches anywhere. Impressive.

There is an angled, sponge doe foot applicator which picks up the perfect amount of gloss each time.

When I swatched it in store, I was super impressed by the pigmentation and thick texture. I am a lip gloss girl (as opposed to lip stick) and I adore thick, moisturising formulas for my dry, lined lips. As you can see, the gloss is extremely thick, sticky and pigmented.

Immediately after application.
 I am in love with this gloss when I first apply it! It makes my lips look plump, smooth and incredibly glossy. The pigmentation is strong enough to really create that smooth creamy finish that looks like a glossy lipstick. There is no shimmer or glitter in these, which I like. SO much love for how it looks fresh on my lips!

2 hours later.
The gloss reveals it's flaws a few hours into application. No matter how how well I exfoliate and prep my lips before hand, the result is the same every time. The gloss starts to ball up on itself and my lips start to look gummy and patchy like I haven't exfoliated my lips in weeks.

Reapplying the gloss makes the effect worse as the new gloss sticks to the balls (ew) of old gloss. So I now have bigger balls of gloss stick to my lips -__-.

4 hours after application.
 I did not attempt to save my lips and reapply any other products for the sake of this review. The gloss completely wears off 4-5 hours later and takes the moisture from my lips with it. My lips end up sucked dry and look really lined and patchy from tiny gloss remnants hiding in the creases. I know, it's gross!

I am so disappointed in this product because I really like the packaging, colour and finish, but it wears absolutely horribly on me. Not to mention my lips feel sore from the dryness after the product has worn away. Glosses are supposed to be more forgiving on your lips because of the extra moisture! Therefore, there I would NOT recommend this product to anyone. 

Has anyone tried the Etude House Crystal glosses? Are they any better?

*I bought this product with my own money. All my opinions are 100% honest.

Oh hai Jin!

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