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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Two weeks ago I finally got around to getting my hair done with a Groupon for Bubbles for Beautiful Hair. I actually purchased it last year and planned on getting my long hair chopped off at Bubbles, but I tried calling and Facebooking with not much luck- they Facebooked me back saying I could come in on various days but I was near exam time so I just wanted it chopped immediately. That led to my horrible experience at Top Image hair salon, read my rant here!

Now I've been to Bubbles for Beautiful hair, I wish I had gone for the chop last year with them. The salon is located far away in Maddington, but the staff were so nice and service so great that I would consider going back to them! Sherlene, the owner, is such a bubbly and interesting person! I'm not a very chatty person, but I found myself drawn to her boundless energy and motherly personality. She is from Mauritius and has an amazing french accent (hehe). She ended up showing me a creative dark blue colour job she'd done recently on her friend's son, and it made me want a creative colour so much.

So I ended up getting boring highlights because I can't have anything too crazy because of clinic. I've mentioned before that every single hairdresser likes to insult my hair and tell me it's dry. Of course I know it's dry, it's been that way since I was born -___-. Sherlene actually said my hair looked healthy, so I was happy! The chop must have done it some good!

This time I warned Sherlene about my cartilage piercings in my right ear because they are incredibly painful when bumped, and she took the utmost care in avoiding the area.

Look how freaking blendey the highlights are! Not a single streak and my black to dark orange caramel belayage looks the most natural it's ever been. I was really happy with the service at Bubbles and would definitely recommend them to anyone that lives near the area. They recently were awarded a prize for being Groupon's Top Rated business in 2014. Well deserved I'd say.

They are located at:

Unit 1, 13 Blackburn Street
Maddington, Western Australia

Don't you love great hair salon experiences? FYI this post isn't sponsored or anything, I just wanted to write about my experience!

Also, if any hair sponsors are looking for bloggers to promote their work, drop me an email :).

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