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Wednesday, 25 February 2015

This month, Bntnews sent us Bntgirls a smashing box filled with innovative makeup and skincare products! The first product I am going to review is super cute, funny and effective all at once. It's the animal sheet masks from SNP!

SNP animal mask packs contain coconut water for an immediate calming and moisturising effect. A highly enriched essence helps in providing the skin with enough moisture to stay healthy.

I am a huge fan of coconut water and flesh and I make sure to drink the juice of a fresh coconut every 2-3 days to nourish my body and skin from the inside. Here is a neat summary of the benefits of coconut water:

Maintenance of body temperature
Rich in minerals for healthy skin
Makes dry skin soft
Increases skin’s immunity
Increases moisture, improves skin texture and color, controls oil 
Relieves skin inflammations or skin troubles
Relieves skin stimulated by UV rays

Fitting with the theme of the product, SNP donates a part of profits to Korea's Animal Protection Society! So not only do you get to be a cute animal for a day (or 20 minutes), you are helping to protect animals in Korea.

When I first saw the masks, I thought that although the design and colours were amazing, however I was worried that it contained harmful and unnatural dyes that would be irritating to my skin. After further research I found that the mask itself is made of natural pulp, similar to those used in baby diapers to be kinder to sensitive skin. The colours used are non irritating and FDA certified, the same ingredients used in sanitary napkins, diapers and dust masks which gave me relief!

Each of us girls received a different animal package of masks, but inside were all 4 animal masks for us to review. I got the dragon package, which happens to be my favourite mask!

Dragon: Heals and calms damaged skin whilst restoring moisture/sebum balance.
Tiger: Improves wrinkles and boosts elasticity.
Panda: Brightens skin tone.
Otter: Restores skin balance and protects it while providing energy.

The graphic designer did an outstanding job with the masks and their packaging. The matte packets with the mini animal faces photograph extremely well and just look like so much fun!

The fit and material is the same for all the animal masks. The material feels like your average woven sheet mask.

The Good: the mask fits my forehead perfectly and does not extend up into my hair. There are very few air bubbles thanks to some strategically placed slits that allow you to pull the mask in a fitting direction.

The Bad: the eye holes are on the small side and the mask kept slipping down into my eyes. Thankfully the serum did not irritate my eyes at all, especially lucky seeing I was wearing circle lenses.

Favourite first, the dragon mask! 

"Soothing mask to take care of sensitive and red skin with AC-soothing energy refining skin healthy and translucent".

The dragon mask did not drip when I opened the packet and there was no defining smell present. 5 minutes into wearing the mask, I noticed a distinct cooling sensation on my skin which was really enjoyable as it's hot in Australia at the moment. 

The design is based on a traditional dragon which reminds me of Japanese art and theatre. I absolutely love the intricate patterns and the bright shades of green! 

Not only is the design amazing, but this mask had the most effect on my currently acne prone and angry skin. I had some small red pimples/irritations on my cheeks that morning and the mask had a marked effect on reducing redness and refining the size of my pores!

Amazing right?

There was some excess serum left on the mask after 20 minutes of wear and the serum absorbed into my skin well, leaving it slightly sticky. I found that make up adhered to my skin better than usual, however it did not do much in terms of oil control. My face was shiny as per usual 4 hours later. 

If you have acne prone, oily skin, the dragon mask is your pick!

Roar! Up next is the tiger mask!

"Anti-wrinkle mask to boost dulling skin cells with elastic energy leaving skin radiant and resilient"

The first thing I noticed about this one was the powdery, perfumey scent which I was not crazy about. This mask also did not drip when I opened it. 

The tiger is my second favourite in terms of design. The art style is similar to the dragon and is quite realistic in my opinion! I love the attention to detail in the design from the pink nose to the markings on the forehead.

When I removed this one, I found that the mask had been sucked almost dry! There was hardly any excess serum left, which meant my skin had absorbed most of it. My skin was left slightly tacky afterwards, similar to how it felt after the dragon mask. My skin looked dewy which I suppose could be taken for 'radiant'. However, my nose was greasy 2 hours later and then rest of my face followed in turn. 

This mask was too heavy for my oily, acne prone skin. Give it a go if you have dry/normal skin.

Panda mask is up!

"Whitening mask to restore dull and rough skin with brightening energy delivering luminosity and softness"

Unfortunately Mr Panda was my least favourite of the animal kingdom. Lemon is commonly used in brightening skincare, however this mask smells like lemon detergent- sickly sweet and artificial. It was also very wet and dripped all over my carpet when I opened it. 

I found the design to be my least favourite as well. It looks cheaper than the rest, probably because it contains a lot more white space, making it look thinner. Pandas are ridiculously cute animals, however the joker grin mouth has more of a creepy effect than cute!

This mask also had a marked cooling sensation on my skin. Other than that, I didn't really notice much effect on my skin, other than it feeling moisturised. Overall, this mask is nothing out of the ordinary. 

I don't recommend this one.

Last, but not least is otter!

"Aqua moisture mask to reinforce moisture retention of dry and water-insufficient skin with aqua energy creating moist an silky skin"

I only received one otter mask to trial, probably because the description least suits my oily, acne prone skin type. After my messy experience with the panda mask, I opened this one over the sink. Thank God I did because blue water literally squirted out of the packet! Be very careful with this one, as it was the only one where the serum was stained by the blue dye. There was no particular smell to this mask, which is preferable.

The design of the otter is the cutest in my opinion. The shade of blue and the lack of eyebrows totally reminds me of Doraemon!

As expected, there was lots of leftover serum which I used all over my legs. My skin absorbed the serum moderately well, but where the other masks left my skin feeling a good kind of tacky, my face ended up feeling full-on sticky! When I had dry skin, this mask would have definitely been my favourite for sure. 

Try the otter mask if you have dry skin!

My favourite is definitely the dragon mask because it was the most suited to my skin type and had a great effect with just one use. I would recommend all the masks except the panda, as they run true to their claims. Overall, I think these sheet masks are great because not only do they add some fun to your pamper sessions, they are effective on the skin!

Will you buy these? Which is your favourite design?

*I was gifted this product for review, all my opinions are 100% honest.

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