Style Story Deluxe Box Unboxing- Australia's First Korean Beauty Box!

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Hello all! As most of you know, Meme box has closed it's doors to the international market. In perfect timing, Aussie company Style Story just released their monthly Style Boxes to us!

STYLE BOX is Australia's first ever beauty box packed exclusively with Korean beauty products! STYLE BOX will help you discover and try new Kbeauty products in a convenient, fun and cost effective way and help you avoid expensive beauty mistakes.

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The Basic Box is a perfect intro to KBeauty for people who aren't already familiar with Korean beauty products. It gives you a taste of the kind of products we sell at STYLE STORY and introduces them to some of the main Korean beauty brands (i.e. Missha, Tony Moly, Etude House, Holika Holika, Nature Republic, Innisfree, Skinfood etc). It includes an assortment of 6 full size, mini and trial sized products. 

$20 a month
$108 for a 6 month subscription. Save $12!
$192 for a 12 month subscription. Save $48!
*$4 flat shipping rate within Australia

The Deluxe Box is aimed at people who might be more experienced with Kbeauty brands and products or simply people that like to get great value for money! It includes great savings on many of our STYLE STORY products, contains larger products than our Basic Box, has more full sized items and will also include high-end Korean beauty products from time-to-time (such as Laneige, IOPE, Sulwhasoo, Su:m37 etc).

$36 a month
$200 for a 6 month subscription. Save $16!
$390 for a 12 month subscription. Save $42!
*$4 flat shipping rate within Australia

I've dabbled in Aussie beauty boxes before and never once considered buying a subscription to any because the products were not to my taste at all. I mean dry shampoo, hand creams and body lotion from brands you can get from Priceline? Hardly innovative. Style Story's boxes are more expensive but you get an interesting selection of 4 full sized products and 2 samples, unique to Korea. After seeing the contents of my Style Story deluxe box, I must say I am very impressed with the girls' curation of Kbeauty products! I found it to be an excellent mix of innovative and practical items.

I was greeted with a printout of the items and a short description of each inside a plain, white box. The packaging is not pretty, but all the products came safe and undamaged.

I was really impressed with the mix of unique skincare and cosmetic products, none of which I have tried before! Here's the rundown:

1. TonyMoly crystal tear glitter eyeliner
2. It's Skin blackhead clear oil gel
3. The Face Shop fermented adlay foam cleanser
4. It's Skin Babyface mascara 'secret fixer'
5. It's Skin prestige yeux ginseng d'escargot (sample)
6. Holika Holika nabi cream (sample)

Add a touch of bling to your eyes with these gorgeous crystal tear trough eyeliners by Korean beauty favourite Tony Moly. Create a classic glamorous eye look or perfect your Korean aegyosal (“cute under eye”) with this versatile and easy to use fine tip applicator, the perfect accent for highlighting the inner corners of your eyes, under eyes and under eyebrows.

I don't wear glitter liners every day but I like the option of using them for creating that wide eyed innocent look. This one is very sparkly so I make sure to dab some excess away before it dries. It doesn't sting my eyes at all (I've used some cheap glitter liners that stung like crazy!) and is super easy to use. I think everyone can make use of this product and I'm happy to have received this in my box!

Say goodbye to ugly blackheads on your nose with this dermatologically tested blackhead dissolving gel by It’s Skin. Developed based on clinical dermatological studies, It’s Skin Black Head Clear Oil Gel will keep your nose clear and soft, dissolving blackheads and unclogging pores with no irritating friction. 

My skin has been crazy oily these days and I've noticed I have more blackheads forming than before. I've managed to keep them at bay by using the oil cleansing method every night, but the method is very time consuming! I am really excited to try out this product and will probably try it all over my face, instead of just my nose. Almost everyone has nose blackheads, and I think this is such a good choice to include in a beauty box. I am really happy to try this one out and I hope it works!

The Face Shop Fermented Adlay Foam Cleanser is a milky white gel face wash from Korean natural beauty brand The Face Shop, which contains star Asian beauty ingredient Adlay. Adlay – also known as Chinese Pearl Barley is famous throughout Asia for its healing properties. It is known to clear acne, blemishes and redness. It also softens harsh skin. By fermenting key ingredients, the effectiveness of the active ingredients is increased. The fermentation process makes the product naturally form amino acids, vitamins and antioxidants.

Many Korean companies are making similar packaging for their cleansers, which is great because you get a lot of product in this kind of tube. I'm always happy to try out different cleansers and I've tried this one a few times. A smudge of product transforms into a really thick, dense foam and my skin is left feeling a little stripped, as it usually does with foaming products. I also find the smell quite weird- like a strong, harsh wheaty smell. This is the first time I have tried a fermented cleanser, so points for innovation and I'm glad I tried it. But it's only an okay cleanser for me.

Say goodbye to baby thin lashes with It’s Skin Baby Face Base Mascara in “Secret Fixer” by Korean beauty label It’s Skin. Amp up the volume in your lashes by giving your normal mascara something to grab onto with this boosting base mascara, which is designed to be applied underneath your regular mascara.

I've always wondered at the effectiveness of base mascaras, so again points to Style Story for including this product! The packaging is simply adorable like the rest of the Babyface series- to me it looks like a little cartoon cloud! I have tried this once with good results, and am really looking forward to experimenting with different mascaras to layer. Once again, really happy to receive this.

5. It's Skin prestige yeux ginseng d'escargot (sample)

I haven't tried these samples yet, but I'm intrigued by the Nabi cream which claims to give oily skin a 'cottony' feel. Generally I'm not fussed about these and would prefer one small item over two samples. 

Overall, I'm really impressed with the selection of product's from Style Story's first Deluxe box. I feel like they really put thought and effort into choosing a mix of innovative and lesser known products and brands. Considering a one off purchase of this box is $40 including shipping, it is definitely a higher price point than I would usually consider, but I was happy to receive every product (I actually Googled each product price online and added them up. Turns out this box is cheaper than buying each item separately from various discounted stores!). Compare that to the one Memebox I purchased which was cheap, but highly disappointing, I much prefer the Style box. Plus, it came within 4 days with automated email tracking! 

Good news is that Style Story has launched their international box for New Zealand, Asia, the UK, Canada, the United States of America, Italy, France, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands and Germany! Get yours here!

Are there any products above you guys would like me to review?

*These items were gifted for review. All opinions are 100% honest. 

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