Coreana Rodin SHO 3-Step Nose Pack Review

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

You all know about Biore strips and that oh-so-satisfying, yet disgusting feeling when you inspect all the gunk that just came out of your nose? I find the Biore strips very effective at pulling out every sebaceous filament and hair that dares to exist on my nose, but I also find them to be very harsh on my skin, leaving it sore and red. I literally cry tears of of pain as I rip them off! Does that happen to you guys, or do I just need to toughen up my lacrimal glands?

Coreana has been very innovative and designed a luxurious 3 step system that is just as effective, minus the watering eyes and red skin!

A 3-step nose cleaning pack that cleans pores, eliminates black heads and tightens pores. The sheets are made of bio-cellulose, a compound derived from coconut water and do not chemical ingredients. 

When I saw that these were made of bio-cellulose, I was super happy because I had a great experience with some bio-cellulose sheet masks some months ago! 

Attract black heads to the surface with horse oil.

Take care of any black heads, white heads and sebum by cleaning pores with a peel-off sheet.

Clean and moisturise the nose area with horse oil.

Horse oil plays a large part in removing blackheads and hydrating the skin. See my review of last month's Coreana Horse Oil cream.

Inside there are large sheets containing all 3 nose strips in individual packages. The design is really innovative and cute with the egg-shaped illustrations- if only blackheads were that adorable!

Each sachet can be torn along the perforated lines and separated, as so. 

Official Instructions

1. Wash and tone your face, then apply the 1STEP sheet for 15~20minutes, then take it off and clean the sebum that remains on the nose area with a cotton swab. 

2. Splash water around your nose and apply the 2STEP sheet for 10~15 minutes. Peel it off once it’s completely dry.

3. Apply the 3STEP sheet for 10 minutes, take it off and help the essence penetrate with fingertips.

I don't follow the instructions precisely- After removing the first sheet, I immediately put the second sheet on without washing my nose. It didn't seem to make much difference because the second sheet worked fantastically regardless! 

1STEP- is really cooling and the serum was thin and slippery. It doesn't dry out at all within the 10 minute wait time and I left all the excess serum on my nose before going on to the next step.

2STEP- is much smaller than the Biore pore strips which tend to extend all the way out onto my cheeks! Perhaps it's designed for Asians who have smaller noses? It fit my nose perfectly! I found that the time it took to fully dry was only 10 minutes which is shorter than I expected.

When I peeled it off, one side at a time, it definitely hurt, but nowhere near as bad as the Biore strips. My eyes only watered slightly and not a single tear was shed *poetic*

3STEP- Ahhh I love bio-cellulose masks! This one has the texture of fresh coconut flesh and just feels so calming and refreshing. My nose isn't red at all after using this for 10 minutes and my nose feels really soft and silky afterwards and I have to refrain from stroking it (is that weird?).

Below is my nose before and after the process. As you can see, I don't really have a problem with blackheads on my nose (I have a problem with them everywhere else it seems). They are barely visible so I am not the best person to show an amazing before and after shot on! But trust me, wait till you see the stuff that came out of my nose later!

I agree, there is hardly any difference to be seen because there was nothing much to begin with in the first place.


Meet the nose of my lovely volunteer who kindly agreed to help me out for this post! He has some bigger sebaceous filaments and some blackheads to take care of, but all up not too bad either.

Some of the areas around the middle of his nose became completely clear after the nose pack!

Now that's pretty impressive! Almost no darkness to be seen and note that the skin is brighter? I would love to document the before and after shots of a person with really terrible clogged pores.

So you think I didn't have much to pull out of my nose to begin with? You're wrong! Now for the part you've all been waiting for- the nose strips.

Trust me, everything that could be extracted, was extracted. 

Overall, this product is kind to my skin and works 100%. To me, the only downside is that it takes half an hour to complete all 3 steps properly, double that of a Biore strip. However if you have time to do this on a weekend, then there is really no problem at all! I would rather take the extra time to relax and read my book whilst waiting for the strips to do their magic, rather than deal with pain and red skin. 

This one's a winner! I hope the pictures weren't too gross!

What's your best blackhead busting tip?

*I was gifted this product for review, all my opinions are 100% honest.

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