Lavera 10 hour Natural Liquid Foundation Review

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Mornin' all! My last post on my Hands on India volunteer trip is my least popular post this year which I'm a bit sad about. I guess you all prefer me to write about beauty?

Well not to worry, this is a review on the current foundation I'm currently using: the Natural Liquid Foundation by Lavera! If you've been following me for a while, you'll know that my skin has gone crazy, so I have officially pulled out all the stops to avoid clogging my skin. I've replaced most skincare products with organic jojoba oil (for cleansing and moisturising) and bought my first vegan foundation. After scanning through the limited range of natural foundations available, I settled on Lavera which is supposed to provide long lasting, medium coverage.

"This luxurious new long lasting (10hr) mineral foundation by Lavera is packed with an army of hard-working ingredients like free-radical fighting Argan Oil, Jojoba and Vitamins A, C and E to protect, rejuvenate and nourish the skin while providing a natural medium coverage. Lavera foundation has been dermatologically and opthamologically tested for sensitive skin and eyes. For those prone to skin irritations or allergies, you can feel safe using these products on your face.
Available in 6 easy to match shades (30ml) all gluten-free and vegan"- Nourished Life

I bought it in 02 Ivory Nude (1 shade darker than Ivory Light, with a warm undertone. Suits light skin), and I think the line runs dark because it's the perfect match for my Summer tanned skin! I bought mine for $31 from Strawberrynet, which (I think) is very affordable for a vegan foundation.

The plastic bottle is extremely lightweight and does feel a little cheap.

I have used BB creams for years and am not used to wearing foundations. This one has a light, almost mousse-like texture that slips across the skin easily due to the various oils it contains. It also smells wonderful- all natural and floral like I'm applying skincare, not make up.

It has a velvety, very slightly powdery finish that settled into the fine lines of my hand. As soon as I saw this, I started to worry because my face has dry patches and some scabbing. However, it performs very differently on my face! Here is my sad skin sans make up, scars and dark marks galore.

1 layer of foundation evens out my skin tone and only slightly covers dark marks or redness. At best, the coverage is light-medium, so you will need a good concealer if you have blemishes. As expected, it does cling to dry patches, making them stand out more- you can see little flakes on my chin. I have solved this problem but applying a drop of jojoba oil to my entire face directly before applying this foundation. Despite this, notice that on the non dry patches, my skin still retains some glow? Strange huh.

This foundation is definitely non buildable! Because of the light, mousse texture, it just cakes and balls up on itself when you apply another layer. The same goes if you apply too much in one go. This product is very fussy, so I experimented a lot with amount and application before I became comfortable with it. Stippling it in with a stipple brush works the best for me. The biggest no no is applying it to dry skin.

The 10 hour claim is not true for me. My skin is combination, so pretty much all BB creams and base products cake and separate within 6 hours of wear, so I don't blame this product for doing the same. 

Here's a selfie wearing the Lavera foundation with concealer and light powder. Window light illuminates everything, de-emphasising blemishes and emphasising glow!

Overall, despite it's fussiness I do like this product simply because I don't feel guilty about applying it over my troubled skin. I'm glad it has a lighter coverage and is non buildable because it prevents me from applying layers of makeup (which I used to do with my BB creams), clogging my skin even more. I conceal the spots that need it and apply some powder and leave it. I've used it for 3 weeks now and my skin is (very) slowly but surely getting better from treating it with less chemicals and more natural products.

I would recommend this product for those without dry skin/flakes who have a specific interest in a natural alternative. If I still had good skin, I would not be reaching for this product. I will continue to hunt for a new vegan foundation that offers more coverage and is more suited for combination skin.

My (confused) rating is a 6.5/10.

Can anyone recommend me another vegan/organic foundation to try?

*I purchased this item with my own money.

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